Your posts may be deleted, without warning or notification at moderator discretion, for breach of any of the RWO rules set out below. If you have any questions or concerns about post/thread removal, please feel free to PM a moderator or Email us at [email protected]

Do not post your queries on the main boards. Such posts WILL be removed, without further explanation.

Constant breaches of the rules will result in your access to RWO being reduced as the Moderator / Administrator group see fit. RWO uses the vBulletin Infraction System to deal with breaches of the RWO rules. All Infractions have an expiry date. Such an expiry date may be as short as 10 days or as long as 6 months. Multiple infractions, depending on the number of points a member accumulates, WILL result in temporary bans from the site and CAN result in a permanent ban. Please note that some Infractions have an expiry date of "Never" and WILL result in the RWO member being banned from the site immediately.

1) Signatures / Avatars

Keep signatures under 4 lines of standard sized fonts (if you must use large fonts, use just one line) as a courtesy to all users who read the forums.

Do not use signatures / avatars as an opportunity to make jibes at other forum members. This will be considered to be sniping (refer Rule 6 below). You may not refer to another RWO forum member, or quote anything they have written, without permission from that member. Using an anonymous tag does not make it acceptable. If quotes are not removed, we reserve the right to remove them, without notification. If in doubt as to whether something is acceptable or not, don't use it!

2) Spamming

Advertising for personal commercial purposes is NOT permitted. Placing links to sites that other users may find of interest / personal websites is acceptable within reason (ie constantly posting links will be frowned upon).

3) Deliberately avoiding the RWO swear filter

RWO is a site that is accessible by Swans supporters of all ages and walks of life. A swear filter is in place to mask offensive words and phrases. This swear filter contains offensive words and variant spellings of offensive words to stop you from deliberately avoiding the swear filter. Do not attempt to avoid the swear filter through alternate spelling of offensive words. Do not attempt to avoid the swear filter by devising systems to fool the swear filter in its recognition of offensive words.

4) Inappropriate Language / Excessive swearing

RWO is a site that is accessible by Swans supporters of all ages and walks of life. Moderators will let some minor cases through. Anything deemed to be of poor taste or of an offensive nature may be removed at moderator discretion. Consider all members when posting; what you think is funny, not all members will feel the same way.

5) Trolling / Baiting

Deliberately posting on threads in an attempt to stir / bait other RWO users will not be tolerated.

6) Flaming / Sniping / Abuse / Insulting other members

If you have to have a go at someone personally, take it off the boards. Everyone else doesn't need to see your hissy fits. Remember, "Play the ball, not the man". This includes spouses or partners. If you don''t like a post, don't flame, snipe, abuse or insult in response - it makes the job of moderation much harder. Report the post through the forum reporting mechanism (click on the Triangle with the exclamation mark) and let the Moderator / Administrator group deal with it.

7) Legal issues
a) The Moderator / Administrator group will keep a very close eye on threads discussing rumours or anything that could be potentially libellous. Moderators and Administrators are not interested in the chance of legal action regardless of how small - if deemed that there is ANY threat to RWO potentially, we will come down hard on it.
b) Due to potential issues of copyright infringement and the potential legal implications, posting of complete articles is NOT permitted. If necessary, post a link to the article. Where appropriate, you may quote sections of the article to aid in discussion.
c) Due to potential issues of copyright infringement and potential legal implications, posting of links to "live streaming (of AFL games)" and "AFL content" sites that are not AFL endorsed is NOT permitted. Posts with such links will be removed immediately and infraction points will be issued.
d) Freedom of speech does NOT = freedom to slander

8) Racial / Sexual Discrimination / Villification

It is not acceptable for members to engage in racial and/or sexual discrimination / villification. It is not acceptable for members to use terminology in describing race or gender in a derogatory manner. Discussing and disputing the views and opinions of other posters is acceptable. Personally vilifying or abusing others for having certain characteristics, or being a member of a certain group (or because you think they're a member of a certain group), is not. This rule shall apply to any post attacking race, skin colour, ethnic background, gender and sexuality.



9) Prohibited

Anything deemed to be of Adult content or porn related nature will be removed immediately. Selling or offering of drugs, drug references, other than those openly discussed and identified in the press, will also be removed immediately. Breaches of this rule carry the highest infraction points and may result in permanent bans on a first offence.

10) Off-topic Posts

Some members prefer to just read Swans or footy related posts. This is, after all, a SSFC website. Ensure you post threads in the appropriate forum, or they will be moved. While threads will sometimes move away from the original topic, do not deliberately drag a thread away from its original subject.

11) Attachments

Attachments within the size limit prescribed are permitted. However, due to costs associated with uploads/downloads, if you wish to attach a number of files within a thread, or feel that the quality of the attachment is compromised by the file size restrictions, you may wish to use external hosting providers and link to the files there.

12) Moderator / Administrator Group

The Moderator / Administrator group reserve the right to delete or move threads / posts as well as remove signatures / avatars as necessary according to the rules of the RWO forum.

13) Final decisions

Any decisions made around the intepretation of the rules above are entirely at the discretion of the site administrators. Such decisions are final.

14) Vistitors from other sites

You are most welcome to join in discussions on RWO, but remember, you are a GUEST on our site. Abide by the RWO Forum Rules or we WILL ban you.

15) Guidelines regarding Visitors to RWO for RWO members.

Be nice, not all visitors are trolls.
a) If they annoy you, ignore them. They want a reaction. Don't give them one.
b) If they are abusive, report them. We will consider banning them. Don't stoop to their level.
Bottom line

You are a guest on RWO - You are expected to play by the rules of the house.

Last Update: ScottH, June 22nd, 2008 (Included Spouses/partners in Rule 6)
Last Update: Frog, August 16th, 2010 (Added rule 7c)
Last update: ScottH July 17th, 2011 (Added Rule 7d)