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20th September 2022, 06:14 PM
I'm confused about how to redeem a ticket via Ticketek for AFLW games. I went to the SCG a couple of weeks ago but there was no need to redeem a ticket for that game. You just turned up and flashed your phone.

I'm planning on going to Punt Road Oval on GF Eve. I've got as far as the Ticketek, but it is asking me for a barcode. The Swans' site info tells me I should be able to find this on the tickets in my MySwans app, or that they would have been emailed to me. I can't find them in either location. I can see my member number in MySwans app but I think the barcode is different. And I assume the barcodes are separate to those I've been emailed for finals ticket purchases for the AFL(M).

Can anyone explain where to find this mysterious barcode?

20th September 2022, 08:49 PM
Hi Liz, on September 15 I received an email about this Hawthorn AFLW game, with instructions on how to redeem a ticket due to limited capacity. In that email it contains my AFLW barcode number. I'm assuming you didn't receive this email?

20th September 2022, 09:03 PM
I've just checked my email, and no, I didn't. Was thinking that maybe they just sent it to Melbourne based members, but by then there was a reasonable chance a host of us would be down in Melbourne on Friday evening.

I've just looked through my trash box (which I've not emptied for ages) and found the email I got welcoming me as an AFLW member but I don't seem to have received one inviting me to redeem a ticket for the opening game of the season at NSO that might have included a barcode.

It all feels much harder than it should be.

20th September 2022, 09:21 PM
I just had the bright idea of logging into the membership section of the Swans site (rather than the app). Lo and behold, there was my barcode.

Whoever writes the instructions for these things needs some practice. Bet it's a bloke...(ducks for cover).