View Full Version : Sensations in the ACTAFL

Norris Lurker
30th August 2004, 11:55 PM
In the Canberra comp, the race for 2nd spot and the double-chance went right down to the wire, in possibly the closest finish ever.
Going into the last round, Queanbeyan and Ainslie were both level on games. Ainslie won their last game by 120 points, meaning Queanbeyan needed a big win against Eastlake. They won comfortably enough, but Eastlake kicked a goal after the siren.
The result of that was that both clubs were level for 2nd place on games, but Queanbeyan had a percentage of 161.53 and Ainslie had a percentage of 161.41. Had Ainslie scored one more point during the season, or conceded one point less, they'd have finished 2nd.

The closest battle for finals positions ever?