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  1. ugg's Avatar
    Recent vistors: Henry

  2. Lucky Knickers's Avatar
    I completely miss the blogs these days.
    Can the saucepan take down the Hawks?
  3. ScottH's Avatar
    Well, I reckon your John Longmire??
    That is pretty much what happened.
  4. ShockOfHair's Avatar
    There won't be any tags anyway - it'll be mano e mano. And you're definitely right about Maxwell - they'll miss him because the Swans love to kick it long to the forward line and he's the specialist third man up.

    But I think they'll just be mentally and physically tired and like Geelong in the EF, this'll be a bridge too far for them. They showed great spirit in coming back against the Eagles (and against us) but the Swans' fresh legs and more settled structure will outlast them.
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