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  1. Lucky Knickers's Avatar
    How could this have missed my Davo filter! Genius Stello. Smooch is > Ed De Bono!
    These little lights need to get out from under the bushel.
  2. ScottH's Avatar
    Seems to be too much love for Big Ed!!
    We've missed you Davo.
  3. ugg's Avatar
    I see it but I don't believe it.
  4. Lucky Knickers's Avatar
    Sometimes it's important to stop what you're doing, take a moment to collect your thoughts and think "what would Davo do?"
    Surely One Mr D Bradshaw needs a mention.

    Skills: Leading TICK Marking TICK Tackling TICK

    Footy IQ: Didn't want to go to Carlton TICK Wanted to come to Swans TICK TICK

    Flair: I had to google Jack Harkness but I am going to TICK this as the way he launched that Torp was silky and full of flair

    Oil: TICK

    Guns: Left Gun TICK Right Gun TICK

    Lady Luck: She was giving Bradshaw her biggest brightest smile when that mark got paid

    Teacher's Pet: Is the player adored by the coach? TICK

    Faced with a kick outside 50 post the siren in a tight contest: What would Davo do? I think we all know the answer to that
  5. ShockOfHair's Avatar
    Mick Malthouse fondly remembers Davo too. He keeps a photo of the 2002 Pies on the wall - "a great reminder to me of what can be achieved by people who are dedicated, who are selfless, who've got nothing but [the team] in their mind."
  6. AnnieH's Avatar
    Stell. Stell. Stell.

    He's gone.
  7. ScottH's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ugg
    I didn't realise Richard Glover posted here.
    I give up, please explain.
  8. ROK Lobster's Avatar
    I think Stell has summed up the moment perfectly. It's time for All Davo Swans
  9. Lucky Knickers's Avatar
    I'm excited Stella. I've felt a bit lost since Davo "retired" and am eagerly awaiting the first members of the All Davo Swans to find suitable replacement worthy of my blind admiration.
  10. ugg's Avatar
    I didn't realise Richard Glover posted here.
  11. ScottH's Avatar
    Why am I not surprised!!
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