• 10 Questions on Jude Bolton

    We asked 10 questions to the partners of some the players.
    These are the answers supplied, Jude's lovely wife, Lynette.

    We hope you enjoy finding out a little about the players from a different perspective.

    1. Where did you meet?

    We met out in the city one night when we were both independently out with friends.

    2. Did you know anything about AFL? The Sydney Swans?

    Absolutely nothing! Growing up in Sydney I was a fan of Rugby League. I had been taken to the AFL once with some work colleagues but it was a game that I would turn off if I saw it on TV. Now I love it and honestly think it is a much better game to watch than league - esp live.

    3. How involved do you get in his football?

    I go to all the Sydney games and will go to a few away games throughout the season. I might even try and give him a few coaching tips every now and then

    4. If he wasn't a footballer, what would he be?

    A rockstar

    5. What is his favourite music, that you don't like?

    Jude loves all music but he does listen to some strange alternative bands that I can't find the appeal in.

    6. What is his wierdest ritual before a game?

    He always has a bowl of pasta, a Kit Kat crunchy and a bag of Natural Confectionery lollies the night before a game. He also has a strange habit of cleaning when he is nervous - so on game day our house is always spotless. (not that I am complaining about that at all!)

    7. What is his most embarrassing habit?

    He bites his nails occasionally. I hate it!

    8. What is the most romantic thing he has ever done for you?

    Propose He took me on a sea plane up to Berowra Waters Inn and we had the most beautiful afternoon

    9. If he could ask 3 people to a once in a lifetime dinner, who would he ask?

    (Apart from me of course!) He would love to sit down and have a chat with Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi & Carl Barron.

    10. Describe him in 3 words.

    Intelligent, caring and determined.
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    1. ScottH's Avatar
      ScottH -
      Glad you have enjoyed it.

      swansrule100, try a Kit Kat crunchy.
    1. Frog's Avatar
      Frog -
      Quote Originally Posted by ScottH View Post
      Glad you have enjoyed it.

      swansrule100, try a Kit Kat crunchy.
      Combined with a bowl of pasta and a bag of natural lollies ... has to be the combination of the three ... The night before
    1. royboy42's Avatar
      royboy42 -
      Yep Scott...great idea !
    1. Lucky Knickers's Avatar
      Lucky Knickers -
      What kind of natural confectionary lollies does he like?
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