• Swans Short Circuit the Power

    Swans Short Circuit the Power

    It's a daunting task to write up a report after the stellar efforts of our previous report writers but here goes.

    On a night so cold at the SCG I swear I saw penguins huddling around a heater , the Swans got the job done to the tune of 62 points. While the margin (our biggest in 3 years) was indeed impressive the manner in which it was achieved was less so.

    The first half saw some of the worst football the Swans have produced this year and lacked the intensity required from an AFL side that has hopes of competing with the best teams in the competition. At one stage when the ball had spilled free there were 3 Port players chasing the ball with a couple of Swans players standing still and looking at each other as if to say "well, maybe we should chase that". There was such a lack of action in the first half I contemplated cheering when Port kicked a goal as a means of keeping warm and interested.

    Horse said in the press conference that " We had a few players that were playing OK in the first half but not enough" One of those players was Jude
    Bolton who was outstanding with a game high 33 touches and 12 tackles.

    After a reported roast at half time by Horse the intensity lifted in the second half and after a goal by Nick Smith halfway through the term we led by 29 points and looked like running away with it, but as is the case with a team which seems to have a mercy rule when opening up big leads they let Port back into the match. 3 goals in 10mins to Port narrowed the margin to just 10 points. However the swans closed out the quarter with 3 goals which included a great grab and goal from LRT and a clever soccer goal from Goodes. A 30 point lead at 3/4 time settled the nerves of the Swans faithful who had braved the chilly conditions and when the brilliant Sam Reid goaled from outside 50 we knew the game was ours.

    5 more goals including a double to Hanners rounded out the win.

    Best Players:

    Jude Bolton: He keeps on keeping on doesn't he. How he keeps his good looks while charging headlong into packs is one of the mysteries of life.
    Adam Goodes: Was very sharp in everything he did and seemed to show a lot of pace out there.
    Lewis Jetta: Must admit leaving the ground I thought he had a very good game. However, with only 15 touches I may have because of ice forming on my Contact lens mistaken him for Goodes on occasion.
    Josh Kennedy: Massive influence around the stoppages. Will be the heir apparent to Jude Bolton when Jude retires to stud.
    Sam Reid: I feel old watching players born in 1990's but feel young again when I get to watch kids like Sam develop. Playing one of the hardest positions on an AFL field he is excelling and seems to be getting better week in week out. I have a serious man love for sammy and I make no apology for it.


    The crowd reaction to the return of LRT and the ovation given to Luke Parker when he made his appearance in the final quarter.

    The spoil from Rhys Shaw in the final quarter which led to a goal was brilliant.

    It's now set up for a big clash against the Hawks next week. It's one of those "8 point games" you need to win at home if you
    aspire to be in the upper reaches of the 8.
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    1. ScottH's Avatar
      ScottH -
      Well done Big Bradley on your first report!!
      Better to write a winning one than a losing one.
    1. dimelb's Avatar
      dimelb -
      Nice work BA, and thank you.
    1. Big Al's Avatar
      Big Al -
      Took me 2 days to come up with the title. What a clever pitt I am.
    1. Matt79's Avatar
      Matt79 -
      Well sone Big Al! Top effort!
    1. Wardy's Avatar
      Wardy -
      Well done Brad - Angelina would be so proud. it was a huge day for you - first scoring with the reserves - then writing this report - perhaps a new career on the horizon?
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