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    by Published on 28th March 2011 04:58 PM

    ** Pictures by ScottH

    It?s been a terrible off-season. The Socceroos lost in extra-time; the Victory were anything but; and Punter and his pals sank without trace. Never mind: a new AFL season and hope springs eternal.

    I drove up to town from Gippsland with my daughter - it took a couple of hours, so I had plenty of time to reminisce - plenty of memories from past Demons? confrontations. Schwartz and Dunkley going head to head, more intent on whacking each other than winning the ball. Dermot Brereton marking over top of Jim Stynes and triggering one of those glorious come-from-behind victories that the Swans became famous for. Magic needlessly tearing his hamstring when the game was won. And the day that Adam Goodes almost single-handedly got us over the line, only for Russell Robertson to kick a late brace and snatch the game. I can still remember the sad sight of Goodes on hands and knees, vomiting from exhaustion, while the Melbourne players celebrated.

    My daughter and I carefully did not discuss what happened the last time these teams met.

    We got a good ...
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