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Thread: Only Weak Link Last Night was....

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Lay off Rowan!!!!!!!

    Originally posted by TheMase
    Meiklejohn did take Doyle's spot on the list.
    But as I understand things, we still have 1 senior spot left on our list.
    So if James was to come through very quickly (or someone else) or even Doyle coming back, we wouldn't have to demote Meiklejohn at all.
    meiklejohn replaces doyle on list
    james gets promoted
    doyle comes back, there is no room, ???

    warfe is (if not, should be) GORRRRRRN!

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    Originally posted by Dpw
    I don't think Rowan would give a toss what the people on the this site say about him or anyone else for that matter we are hardly experts just fans having a view.
    very well stated, if warfe reads my posts and therefore does not play well, it means that he isnt very professional at all!

    *warfe goes for the ball and hesitates and thinks to himself "hang on, but penga thinks im crap, well im not gonna make use of my disposal, if only penga liked me" then hangs his head in shame* I THINK NOT!!! we r employers (for those of us who are members), we criticise our employees... its merely a meat market guys, get over it

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    If he is reading this he should go back and put in a better effort, thinking "I'll show them". No one is doubting that before his injuries that he was a handy player for us - but at the moment he is lacking confidence because of a lack of game time.

    The question is what is better

    15 minutes here and there in the AFL


    A full game in the 2nd's?????

    A full game is my answer it will allow him to get his form back and at the confidence to do the things he use to. He is lacking match fitness also, so why not gain some playing in Canberra - beats sitting down all match.
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    If Rowan is reading these posts its no wonder hes playing like a dead swan.
    id just like to inform you that rowan will be reading theses posts
    What drugs are you people on...?!?
    Captain Logic is not steering this tugboat.

    "[T]here are things that matter more and he's reading and thinking about them: heaven, reincarnation. Life and death are the only things that are truly a matter of life and death. Not football."

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    in not on drugs but you must be NMWBLOODS

    im not on drugs at all but you must be
    jude bolton and adam biggest fan ever

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    Originally posted by Plugger46
    You're being too rough on warfe, he was a good player for us when we were a good side in the 90's. He is hard at the ball, unlike some of the other players we posess. He has had limited opportunities since returning from injury. How can you say he was our only bad player, he played about 15 mins and the ball hardly went anywhere near him. Did you care to have a look at the mistakes Leo Barry made running off the backline?

    We need to see Warfe get some genuine game time before we write him off.
    MMMmmm. I wrote off Warfe years ago. He hasn't improved since his first game. In fact, if it is possible, he has gone backwards.

    Rowan has never been a "good" player. He is hard at the ball, true, but you just have to hope he doesn't get his hands on it as he is prone to the brainless kick to a pack rather then spotting and kicking to a team mate. As a backman he must make sure that a disposal by him goes to a team mate in a better position or at the very least goes out of play. There is little use in getting 10 possessions and making 3 or 4 clangers resulting in 3 or 4 goals against us. Rohan is also too prone in lapses of concentration and too easily gets seperated from his direct forward opponent. These lapses in concentration have been very costly for us. Rohan is also not very skillful. His kicking (even under no pressure) is often wayward as is his hand passing. His decision making skills are very poor too. Have I missed anything?

    I had a good look at him again on Saturday night and he was OK. He only played 10 minutes and had two kicks and one hand pass I think (or maybe the other way around). It was the first time I have ever seen him play a game without making an error by hand or foot. He may have not been tight enough but for Rohan he played a beauty.

    He may be a nice person but he plays in the easiest position on the field and we must be able to find a better player in that position if we are to amount to anything.

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    Re: Re: Tadgh-a dodgy defender?

    Originally posted by Reggi
    Anthony Rocca
    Nail -> head

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    Give Rowan a break, give him another few weeks to get some touches back, the guy has been injured on and off for the past few years and has not played a lot of footy, lets see how he is in a few weeks time (of course as long as he is injury free).
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    Originally posted by blinddog
    Give Rowan a break, give him another few weeks to get some touches back, the guy has been injured on and off for the past few years and has not played a lot of footy, lets see how he is in a few weeks time (of course as long as he is injury free).
    I agree with this, all players have periods where they lose confidence in themselves. It cant help if he reads the negative stuff about him here, I would like to see Paul Kelly put in a bit of time with him.

    He hasnt been used a lot and players take time to get into form. I know the obvious can be said that he has had ample opportunity but he has a new coach and the side are also gathering confidence in themselves. It may rub off on him.

    So lets give him a break for a few more weeks.

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    Re: in not on drugs but you must be NMWBLOODS

    Originally posted by jude_adams_babe
    im not on drugs at all but you must be
    But how dare people criticize "your" player! Supporters are there to just cheer and clap, regardless of the football that is shown.

    This victimisation of Wharfie is just not on! It must stop at once! Because he will get very sad when he reads what all those nasty people have been writing about him.

    "Never ever ever state that Sydney is gone.They are like cockroaches in the aftermath of a nuclear war"
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    I assure you that rowan and the other swans read all these posts!! I am sure that any player that gets bagged as much, on here, would gain no confidence from what has been said and would doubt the support of such people.

    Aren't I entitled to have my own opinion in here?
    An opinion that is different to other peoples is perfectly natural
    Go North Shore Bombers!!!!

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    well said Julian!!
    This is a forum for discussing the game itself, not how bad you think certain players may or may not be!!! I think all bagging of players needs to stop now!!!

    I'd have to say that NMWbloods is on "i love Frosty" drugs!!
    Go North Shore Bombers!!!!

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