View Poll Results: Who was the Swans BOG in the 2005 Grand Final?

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  • Fosdike

    40 24.54%
  • Kirk

    4 2.45%
  • Hall

    1 0.61%
  • Crouch

    4 2.45%
  • LRT

    41 25.15%
  • Buchanan

    63 38.65%
  • Jude Bolton

    0 0%
  • Leo Barry

    5 3.07%
  • Michael O'Loughlin

    1 0.61%
  • Other (Please Specify)

    4 2.45%
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Thread: OK to settle an argument....(Grand Final BOG)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Royboy View Post
    .....and every resident of Colac are still spewing.
    At least they recouped their losses this year ORB.

    I'm guessing you didn't.
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    Game On - Amon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Knickers View Post
    Can we have another poll asking if we should have booed Judd???
    Who could be bothered booing anyone on that fantastic day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    Great to see 3 perenial strugglers like LRT, Fosdike and Buchanan all hotly contesting the BOG award. Our 2nd tier really stepped up near the end of last season.

    But having watched the grand final about a zillion times (I've been isolated in the cultural backwater of NZ for the last 6 months), I have an extremely thorough insight into every kick, tackle, sheppard and mark, and its LRT hands down.

    As one of the commentators said re West Coast, "its not very often you win a grand final when the oppositions centre half back has had so many possessions".

    Hansen was the only forward option WC had, and LRT closed that option out.

    MOL would have got it if he didnt have the yips. No other forward could have got BOG in such a low scoring game, and by and large our midfield was beaten by WC.
    Actually the reality was that barry closed down their main forward - being gardiner, and their decision to not play matera made it a lot easier for us. It was also clearly the case that the eagles disposal was not brillant - a couple of kicks clearly favoured lrt rather than hansen. It was LRT's best game ever period but it was against a side whose forward line was rubbish all of the year and clearly was thrown up in the air for the GF by including gardiner and not matera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLT View Post
    Blt Bog.
    Mixed signals..
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    I'm actually surprised that we don't have a vote for Bevan, after all he did actually play that day, isn't that enough for him to be given BOG?
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    The whole team was so even that day no one really stood out. Apart from Leo at the end I suppose - can half a second qualify a player? FOR SURE IT CAN!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwansFan1972 View Post
    The whole team was so even that day no one really stood out. Apart from Leo at the end I suppose - can half a second qualify a player? FOR SURE IT CAN!
    I know you're already well aware of this, but let's emphasise that Leo had a terrific game, giving Gardner an absolute bath. Not BOG though - goes to Amon, three solid quarters topped off by a magnificent fourth.
    He reminds him of the guys, close-set, slow, and never rattled, who were play-makers on the team. (John Updike, seeing Josh Kennedy in a crystal ball)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwansFan1972 View Post
    The whole team was so even that day no one really stood out.
    Maybe not for us. But for every non swans person I've spoken to the majority have said fosdike was the man

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    Monty for mine, if u look at 4 qtr LRT perhaps, but clearly a swans player should ahve won it...Judd was defr not BOG, had a good game but not a BOG game...

    I would think Monty efforts across the day, plus the amazing 4th would ahve pushed him over the line...

    He needs to step up to that level this year, otherwise he may become trade bait.....

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    Buchanan by a mile. He should have won the Norm Smith. Totally inspired game of football where he played out of his skin. Never seen tackling like it. A legend for it, no matter what he ever does in the future.

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    Yes Monty for me, having watched it again for the 10000 time

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