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Thread: RWO Match Report Sydney vs Saints: Check, Mate!

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    RWO Match Report Sydney vs Saints: Check, Mate!

    Relive all the bumps and goals against the Saints, with alison.z's game report.

    Check, Mate!

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    Great read Alison - thanks.

    The more I think about the game, the more remarkable Teddy Richard's performance gets. We all know how great a player Bolton is, so it's not really that much of a surprise that he contained Gehrig. But Ted's form was so wobbly going into that game that none of us would have picked him to limit Riewoldt's influence to quite the degree he did.

    And I chuckled at your description of Gehrig - "the ever ugly". I took a friend to the game who is still on a fairly steep learning curve. She now knows lots about the Swans but not much about players from other teams. But when I asked her during last week if she wanted to come and told her who we were playing, she immediately screwed up her face and asked if that was the team with the ugliest player on the planet!

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    thanks - it's great to hear feedback of any sort!!

    i physically shudder whenever gehrig gets the ball ... arrrrggghhh!!!

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