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Thread: Not trading B1, Schienderman and the Cannon???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Footylover1 View Post
    It doesnt matter he played every game, I believe he had niggling injuries right throughout the season and that's why Roosy was playing him out of position for most part of the season I believe.
    The reason he was played out of position was that he was picked up by players like Nick Dal Santo. If you're coaching a side with a Jude Bolton-like player in it and he is marked by a NDS-type player you tell him to get his arse to the goalsquare ASAP. No brainer.
    And the man who started it all, the Schneiderman . . . . .

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    From another general AFL board in response to a question re: why the Swans would trade Jude, this was the correspondents answer:

    It hurts me to say it, as one who was a card carrying member of the Jude Bolton fan club. Hasn't been any good since 2005. Came 4th in our B&F that year behind Hall, Kirk and Goodes. A shoulder reco at the end of the year made sure he had no pre season, and his 2006 was shot. He did the shoulder again early 2007 and hasn't been anywhere near as effective.

    Prior to the injuries, Jude was a terrific in and under player who would get anything up to 15-20 hard ball gets a game and he had the skills to deliver it on to a team mate. The last 2 years he has really dropped off, don't know why his delivery has dropped off as well, but I guess its a bit hard to be at the bottom of a pack delivering the ball to a team mate when you can't raise your arm above shoulder height.
    Personally, I would be happy to see the back of him, but I know the correspondent has ties to Jude's family so that quote may explain his poor few seasons.

    Now that it appears he is staying, I hope they can get the shoulder OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBB View Post
    Now that it appears he is staying, I hope they can get the shoulder OK.
    Too many T Shirt try ons.

    Interesting Post BBB.

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