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Thread: Location of Blacktown Stadium

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeeEmmAre View Post
    And you're prepared to walk in Rooty Hill?

    More likely you'll find shuttle buses from Blacktown.
    More convenient though from Shaggers Crest station.
    I've done it heaps of times. It forms part of the bike track that runs along the length of the M7. The path goes from the station all the way to Eastern Road.
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    Rooty Hill was the station which serviced Australia's Wonderland. Thousands of people went there every day. It has all the facilities for a shuttle bus (including plenty of "kiss and drop" spaces) as a remnant from the days when Wonderland was operating.

    The walk is short, and through a commercial centre and some housing, then straight into Blacktown Olympic Park. Rooty Hill is a nice suburb and no more or less dangerous to walk through during the day than any number of other suburbs in Sydney. At night it is also no different to any other suburb, but like any sporting event, you would expect a shuttle bus or something similar to be operating.

    People went there without problems by private and public transport for Olympic events. There is no reason to think that they wouldn't for a daytime or evening preseason cup game of AFL.

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