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Thread: Ladder Predition For 2009

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    Cool Ladder Predition For 2009

    1. Sydney
    2. Hawks
    3. Dees
    4. Bombers
    5. Tigers
    6. Wce
    7. Freeo
    8. Cats
    9. Carlton
    11. Crows
    12.north Melbourne
    13. Western Bulldogs Kilda
    15. Lions
    t peace

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    A finals 9 and Collingwood in liquidation...interesting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by liz View Post
    A finals 9 and Collingwood in liquidation...interesting!
    Great post Liz, that ladder does look a little strange.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goswannie14 View Post
    Great post Liz, that ladder does look a little strange.
    Why? Coz Sydney are on top?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottH View Post
    Why? Coz Sydney are on top?
    Yes. We have a successful season by finishing 7th or 8th. You should know that by now.
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    The bookies have the Swans presently at ranked 12th for 2009.

    I think that Sydney will again be a bottom half finalist team. Yes, their list is ageing however:despite the "ageing" list, my tip (and hope) is that for various reasons, (but primarily related to the overcoming of injuries), key players, Hall, Goodes, Malceski, and Kennelly, should all should improve in 2009from their 2008 disappointments. Roos also has this nack of lifting players who on paper look fairly average. Herein watch players like Bird and White in '09.

    So here's my tip:

    1. Geelong (Will be soooo hungry to get over their '08 GF humiliation)

    2. Western Bulldogs (Still a last year WIP. In 2009 they are the real deal)

    3. Hawthorn (Will suffer the odd premiership hangover losses. Really looking forward the Round 2 ANZ clash).

    4. Carlton (All those early draft picks plus Judd will finally pay off in '09)

    5. Sydney (Call me optimistic, but additionally to the above reasons, there is little really good teams emerging;eg. was St Kilda really a top 4 classed side in 2008?)

    6. Richmond (So long as their administration is loyal to the senior coach. Cousins will lift the Tigers spirit)

    7. St Kilda (Will take a small step backward in '09)

    8. Port Adelaide (On paper a really good team)

    9. Fremantle (Should improve)

    10. Brisbane (Voss' inexperience will show in the second half of the season)

    11. Adelaide (Always at least competitive, especially when they play the Swans)

    12. Essendon (A team slowly on the rise)

    13. Collingwood (Malthouse is starting to wear out his "Eddie" welcome. Did they AGAIN go to Arizona this summer...boring. At least they will probably beat Sydney, twice)

    14. West Coast (Their improvement will be tiny. They are sincerely thinking of long term rebuilding)

    15. North Melbourne (Every year I predict their downfall. Every year they prove me wrong)

    16. Melbourne (Sorry guys, but a first pick in the draft in 2008 is still not enough for 2009).
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    1. Hawthorn
    2. Geelong
    3. Western Bulldogs
    4. Collingwood
    5. St. Kilda
    6. Sydney
    7. Richmond
    8. North Melbourne
    9. Brisbane
    10. Essendon
    11. Carlton
    12. Adelaide
    13. Fremantle
    14. Port Adelaide
    15. West Coast
    16. Melbourne
    I support two teams: the SYDNEY SWANS and anyone who beats the West Coast Eagles... except Collingwood, Essendon, Carlton, Richmond, Hawthorn, St. Kilda, North Melbourne, Geelong, Melbourne, Western Bulldogs, Adelaide, Port Adelaide, Brisbane and Fremantle.
    Ok then, I only support one team: The SYDNEY SWANS!!!!!

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    1. Cats
    2. Swans
    3. Western Bulldogs
    4. Hawks
    5. Carlton
    6. Richmond
    7. St Kilda
    8. Fremantle
    9. West Coast
    10. North Melbourne
    11. Pies
    12. Port
    13. Bombers
    14. Crows
    15. Lions
    16. Melbourne

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