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Thread: richards out for season

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnieH View Post
    Contested mark or not. That's far too much damage to go unreported.
    No, it's a physical game. The rules are there to protect players I agree, but there's always going to be clashes when two or more players are going hammer and tongs at the ball. It's a fact all players accept. No one was reported when Leo Barry ruptured his spleen, or when Sam Newman lost a kidney. Always has been, (hopefully always will be) a contest sport.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Neil View Post
    Did Fev get his assistant to send the 'personal' TXT MSG?
    Actually talking is a little more personal....
    Probably just tad to serious to think the recipient of his attentions would be in any way pleased to speak to him. Then again, its Ted, so that wouldn't have been a problem.

    Also being a couple of generations younger than me, where I would require a hand written note and a bunch of flars, the modern mob are probably very happy to receive a text message. At least that means Fev went and got his number!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Knickers View Post
    What if you take out your own team mate (a la McVeigh knee and James Hird's face)?
    Steve Waugh and Jason Gillespie would know a bit about that!!

    I hope Ted makes a full recovery and I'm sure he'll still be just as courageous when he gets back on the field. Either that, or in three years' time he'll take a match-winning mark to seal the premiership.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vonsteinman View Post
    On another point.... Sorry if I'm rehashing old ground from elsewhere on the forum but Fevola's kick to Bolton's head.... Fev received praise for checking that he was ok on OTC last night...

    The way I saw it, there seemed to be a pretty clear snap of the lower leg. I didn't see it as being an accident at all.... Does anyone else share this view?
    Couldn't disagree with you more. To suggest that in the split second in which Fev found his legs suddenly above Bolton (which is not what you expect when you're first to the ball), he thought "Hey, here's a good opportunity to kick my opponent in the head" is ridiculous. Seriously, we all like to have a go at Fev from time to time, but be sensible, please! Just imagine yourself taking a tumble like that while marking a ball, and ask yourself if you'd have the presence of mind, time, co-ordination and physical awareness to pull off a move like that.
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    i just watched it again on youtube and i agree - not intentional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Knickers View Post
    What if you take out your own team mate (a la McVeigh knee and James Hird's face)?
    Teddy makes the grade

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    I just read an article where it was like, I can smile but I cant laugh and all this his so cute and his okay his expected to make a full recovery + play next year... unless we make finals which we won't.
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