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Thread: Smart Coaching?

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    Smart Coaching?

    Because of Magic I was nervous about this game and when it started so scrappily it looked like it might be a Manuka rerun. But by halfway through the quarter I realised we were all being conned. What we were watching was the AFL equivalent of meat tenderising.

    The Tigers, like the Dogs of old, think they can run rings around their opponents. On Sunday they learned that they can bleed, too and it broke their spirit.

    Of course, Goodes and Kirk doing more than is humanly possible to get the win for MO'L certainly helped but there was some smart coaching in how we started that game.

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    I think our pressure, particularly in our Fwd 50 was exceptional and is something we have not done well for a long time. Time and time again Richmond couldn't get the ball out of there and we scored again.

    I also think we may have broken some kind of record for most holding the ball free kicks gained.

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    Roosy could have gone home at 2:10pm, richmond are that bad.

    But he is definitely a good smart coach.

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