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Thread: B &F 2009 - Coaching Appointments 2010

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    B &F 2009 - Coaching Appointments 2010

    Hey Tara and Shearer

    Can you post details of the B & F winners/awards for all grades on this thread

    as well as any news of coaching appointments for St George & Moorebank

    On behalf of the Bankstown Sports Junior AFL we thank both clubs for their

    efforts in providing a pathway for our kids who continue into senior footy.

    Well done - it is no co-incidence that both clubs have a number of former

    Bankstown players and officials.
    September 24th, 2005 5.14pm
    What a great moment in all of our lives

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    Hi Roscoe

    Seniors B&F - Andrew Cruwys
    Runner Up - Matty Rowe
    Most Determined - Matty Rowe
    Players Player - Andrew Cruwys
    Most Improved - Matty Sliogerts
    Coaches Award - Aaron Findlay

    Ressies B&F - Robbie Morrison
    Runner Up - Jeff Droscher
    Most Couragous - Andy Davis
    Players Player - Jeff Droscher
    Most Improved - Magnus Minnar
    Coaches Award - Jason Truong

    Under 18s B&F - Johno Moore
    Runner Up - Josh Allport
    Most Couragous - Mick Prepost
    Players Player - Rhys Horton
    Most Improved - Michael Sheehan (Kiwi)
    Coaches Award - Matty Morrison
    Rising Star - Josh Smart

    Coaches to be announced shortly

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