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Thread: Vote for Goodesy!

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    Vote for Goodesy!

    AFL Player of the Decade poll on FoxSports website. Hasn't been up long and it looks like Michael Voss' family are the only ones who know about it so far!

    AFL player of the decade - AFL Premiership - Fox Sports
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    I can't believe they put the "ex"-junkie in the same poll as Goodesy.

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    Voted for Goodes out of loyalty but you really can't go past Vossy in this poll. One of my all time favourite non Swans player.
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    Hird and quite comfortably for me.

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    I voted for Goodsey, but would have picked Hird for sure if I wasn't biased.

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    Hird didn't play enough this decade. In terms of ability, probably the best I've seen, but injury, and the fact that his career ended mid-decade, takes him out of the top 10 for mine. Same with Voss, though he's very stiff. Remember, we're talking 2000 onwards. Buckley, Ricciuto, etc all fall into this category as well.

    That in mind, for me it's down to Judd and Black. Judd just gets over the line for me. Black has been more consistent (had the advantage of starting his career before the decade but not too far before, so he hit his strides right at the start of the decade), and he has played more games, etc, but Judd hits the right balance of pure explosive ability and being able to showcase it regularly. Even when affected by injury, he simply turned his game inwards and became a clearance specialist, rather than letting his performances genuinely slip.

    Goodes, well, he simply hasn't been consistent enough. I love him as a player, but I don't think I'd even have him as the best indigenous player of the decade. Andrew McLeod wins that honour, though it's very, very close (I really rate consistency and dependability). Goodes at his best is better than probably any other player in the competition, we just don't see it often enough.
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    I had to vote for Goodes, but removing bias I'd have voted for Black or Voss.
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    HA Cousins is beating Aker!!!

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    I voted for Adam but Black would have been my choice if I didn't follow the mighty Swans
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    Quote Originally Posted by RogueSwan View Post
    I voted for Adam but Black would have been my choice if I didn't follow the mighty Swans
    My thoughts also

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    Voted for Goodesy, but if it wasn't for the Swans player in there I would have voted for James Hird.
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    As much as I like Goodsey - Voss is a good pick - at least we can be happy in the knowledge that he is the only one on the list that has 2 Brownlows !!! (and at least that idiot Buckley isnt in front!)
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