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Thread: Teams v St Kilda

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    Why is everyone assuming that Bradshaw will play? My crystal ball says he will not play and Bevan will replace him. Although I hope he does play.

    Will just have to wait and see who plays in the reserves.
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    Really unusual, rather than an 'impact player' we have two 'defenders', Richards and Mattner on the bench. The other Jack has been a tagger. Seems to be not sustainable given normally you would have an extra midfielder on the bench and a half forward running type

    Wonder if that will cause a team imbalance, they will need to rectify in coming weeks? Too many fit defenders?
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    Bradshaw has stated strongly he's playing, so the selectors have given him the nod. Hope Rohan's family have not begun their marathon trek again, as it looks like he's being rested.
    It should be a cracking game. heaps of talent in both teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottH View Post
    The down side of Kennelly's return, Smith misses out.
    I'd say unfairly misses out.

    I give he and Grundy the kudos for turning what was looking like a shaky backline back into a rock solid defence. Specialist small defenders are required!...unless someone banned small forwards in the offseason. Would explain the inclusion of Moore ... Prove me wrong!
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    Jetta named in centre? His disposals had better be good. No 9 pointers now the season proper has started.

    Let's not underestimate Ted's efforts in defence - an often underrated player. No superstar but solid (except for his 1 or 2 clangers per match). And he can play up forward, as can Mattner. These new guys had better be good to have Bevan and Smith not named. Always was a begrudging admirer of Bradshaw - hope he plays. Hope Jesse does well.

    Go Swans, take care of yourselves and each other, win by a good margin so I don't have blood pressure problems in the final 5 minutes, please.

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    Jetta article on eve of his debut. Like the bit about him trying to to show his excitement when it was confirmed he was going to play, compared to a quote from Roos in a different article that he was pretty subdued when told.

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    How is Bradshaw's fitness? Will he interchange with White at FF?

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    I wonder whether Schneider or Buchanan would be in this 18, 22 or even the 25?

    Ditto a fit Dempster.

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    It was always going to be such a tough selection. Assuming Bradshaw is OK, this was the going to be the very best team the Football department could put on the field. (No disrepect to Craig Bird, but I do not think he would have made the top 22 if fully fit, maybe the top 25, but not the top 22).

    Yes there are some disappointments, notably the three emergencies. Smith, Bevan and Rohan. But who do you leave out? I can only suggest that Kennedy and Moore were surprises, and McGlynn and Malceski, although both deserving selection on current form, were nevertheless not amongst the first two picked.

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    and, I forgot the delisted Luke Ablett - not now in the 25 surely

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    No real surprises from Roos and Co. All nine players recruited from other clubs that are on the main list are named.

    As an aside the twos are going to be very strong!


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    Quote Originally Posted by JF_Bay22_SCG View Post
    How is Bradshaw's fitness? Will he interchange with White at FF?

    Roos mentioned in an article that he'd play 80 minutes, I imagine that means he'll play from the goal square and when he's not on either Goodes or White will take that spot.
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