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Thread: A Big Whoo Hoo To The Media Department.

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    Smile A Big Whoo Hoo To The Media Department.

    I think this season we are all feeling cozy and wanted by being acknowledged by Swans Management.

    We had been excluded from nearly all intelligencia (probably why RedandWhite started in the first place) over the prior eight years or so, and now in 2010 we have media reports, we have reports from the boys and today we have a beauty from Stuey Maxfield.

    We will once again be the envy of the others, and I will be able to rub my NRL supporter friend's noses into it. Nicely of course. For years I was able to boast of our inclusion and involvement in the Club, and they were jealous. But that changed and it became a sort of "anyone home?". Now I feel we are valued as members and I like that a lot.

    So thank you Swans. It means a lot. Also it means you are guiding your players to understand that the members need to be appreciated, not just the members appreciating the players.

    Now if they could just let Cheese into the action, I do believe it would be a very informative bit of writing.
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    A big thumbs up - always a huge joy to know you'll be able to wake up nearly every morning to more news and insight in to the club we love!!

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    I agree; being in Canada for the past year means the involvment has to be from the posters and the Club news. It is very gratefully received.

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    Yep, I'm feeling the love this year too. In my early 20s I was always telling people how good it was to be a Swans member. A phone call from Matty Nicks on my 21st probably being the highlight of all the inclusiveness I felt. All of that faded off in the past 6-7 years, although I wasn't sure if it was my imagination remembering times that never were... I'm glad the love is back!
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