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Thread: Barry Hall

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damien View Post
    Cheer him on? Get real!!!

    One thing not to boo him, but gee I hope he is pathetic on Saturday night!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShockOfHair View Post
    Probably. I'm curious about how he deals with Roos if they cross paths.
    Who will be the first to deviate from a straight line??? No,surely they will shake hands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aardvark View Post
    Anyone who has played in a Premiership for the Swans deserves some respect,even if their departure was somewhat controversial. Besides booing would probably make him try harder.
    Yep I agree, and that even includes Darren Jolly.
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    Would only boo when he is taking a shot on goal, but that pretty much goes for any opposition taking a set shot.
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    I won't be booing him. Well, I won't be there, nor will I be watching it on TV (I believe this is the first live game I haven't caught live in one form or another in almost 3 years, a pretty decent achievement given I sometimes worked weekends for a large chunk of that), but when I watch a replay, I'll be hoping he has a shocker, but only as far as I hope any important Dogs player has a shocker. I still have a soft spot for Baz, and I do get a bit of a warm, fuzzy feeling when I see him kicking bags, along with a hint of jealousy: if only he was still doing it for us! But then I remember how one-dimensional we were with Baz, how unreliable he was in our team setup towards the end, and I know it was for the best.

    Really, the Barry Hall situation was win-win-win. We won by ridding ourselves of a volatile and unreliable forward who was frustrated and had stagnated in his current environment, and who was costing us as many games as he was winning, creating room in our forwardline for Bradshaw to slot in (not that he's had that much opportunity this year due to injury), our forwardline has become multi-focal, allowing Ben McGlynn and more recently TDL to come to the fore, and we got a decent pick for him that helped facilitate the trade for McGlynn and Kennedy, alongside Mumford the biggest steal of the draft period, and in combination possibly one of the best of all time (though it's perhaps a bit early to judge that far).

    Meanwhile, Hall is now happy, he's in the form of his life, he's getting good delivery, he's probably added another 2 years, maybe more, to his career, he's a contender for the Coleman, while the Dogs are relishing the potency a power forward gives them as they look to have secured a top 4 spot.

    Hall had stagnated with us, it happens to the best and most professional of players sometimes, though Hall had fairly "special" way of expressing it! I honestly don't think there is nearly as much bad blood between Hall and Roos/Kirk as has been read into at times on this board, it was a decision that benefited everybody, and Hall, Kirk and Roos have all been vindicated by how it has turned out.

    I have been and will be cheering for Baz all year and through the finals, just not when he plays us. After the game, however, he's the bloke that lifted up the cup with Roos. He's our only living Premiership captain. That counts for a lot.
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    I will never boo BB. Maybe a little hoot if kicking for goal that is going to make us look crapo, but I couldn't boo the lug. I could boo Jolls though. Did actually, but only for a moment. But Not BB.

    Having noted Mal's propensity to shake hands with his opposite and sometimes startling them, I put money on him shaking hands with BB before the start of the game. And if it is LRT in the hotseat, then definitely.
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    Can't wait to boo him.

    Premiership credits ran out at the end of season 2008.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnieH View Post
    Can't wait to boo him.

    Premiership credits ran out at the end of season 2008.
    Very generous of you Annie. I always thought you'd closed the bank at the final siren in GF 2006??

    As for booing Baz - during the game - ABSOLUTELY.
    All other times I will be oohing and aahing over his big guns and that face only a mother could love or an honours graduate from the Barry Hall Hall.

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    Pure joy for me would be if Mummy put Baz on his bum hard when both of them are going for the ball. Then handball to Jets who takes off, runs around Murphy and kicks the goal for victory. I have a rich fantasy life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Go Swannies View Post
    Pure joy for me would be if Mummy put Baz on his bum hard when both of them are going for the ball. Then handball to Jets who takes off, runs around Murphy and kicks the goal for victory. I have a rich fantasy life.
    Ha! I'd be happy to live in that life as well!

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    Certainly will not boo Baz unless he Stakers one of our lads. However, will not be cheering him on either!
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