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Thread: Brandon Jack: Brother of Kieren

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    Good...I'm getting a tingle!!!!!!
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    Sadly for those not in NSW, I think Main Event is the one channel that Fox Sports can separate out the signal for. I did see a QAFL match being shown on Main Event last week, so if anyone is in Queensland, they might find there is reciprocal viewing of Sydney games. But I suspect those south of the border won't be able to access it.

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    It's frustrating, they are not showing anything else on the channel, so why am I locked out? What is the gain from region locking without replacing it with something else.

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    So is anyone uploading onto youtube? Kizza?
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    I watched this game, and Brandon was very good, although, he seemed to be running around without an opponent for much of a game that they led by about 7 goals at 1/4 time ... so it was a great chance to showcase his flair and skills (he is tough enough too).

    He wasn't as good as Brant Jack (no relation) or Jay Lewis (former Swans scholarship) but certainly showed enough in a pretty young Penno side (plenty of 17 and 18 y.o.s) to suggest he has a future.

    I suspect both Penno and C'town will struggle to contend with the top sides this year ... seems like a 2 or 3 tiered comp already. He and Mitch Crawford (Swans Scholarship) who also played are only 17 this year and will derive plenty of benefit from playing against the men.

    On a sparse weekend for Swans fans (particularly the ressies followers), there will be interest in the following SAFL Premier Division games featuring some familiar players;

    St George -Scholarship Players, Lloyd Perris (16 y.o.) & Blake Guthrie v C'town @ Monarch (Foxtel TV game)
    Illawarra - Scholarship, Nathan Kenny v Sydney Uni - Swans Academy - James Brain & Mitch Thompson @ Nth Dalton
    Balmain - Schmidt x2, Fosdike x2, Saddington and Luff - none qualify for the academy I'm afraid! V Wests @ Picken

    all games are 2pm Monday, so a great chance to get out and support the code at the grass roots level.

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    Damn, I missed it!

    Did anybody record it? Is it showing anywhere else?

    When is the St George vs Campbelltown game being shown on Foxtel?
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    BSA, we'll be screening the Campbelltown v St George match next Friday at 6.30pm before the Swans-Blues game. Might need to start the tape an hour earlier! I'll take special interest in seeing how Perris and Guthrie go, as well as another young Dragon by the name of David Lycakis, who was the Rising Star nominee on debut in round 1.

    as unconfuseme said, Crawford was also impressive at times, but he's also right in saying neither team (IMO) will challenge East Coast Eagles or Sydney University, which are the two clear best teams in the comp on what I've seen so far.

    Unfortunately for other States, the matches are in fact only shown in NSW and Queensland, which is a shame.

    Keep an eye on my signature for details of the weekly telecast to see any of the young blokes that might be lining up.
    Campbelltown will also have Ryan Bottin-Noonan's younger brother James playing this week after he missed last week's game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unconfuseme View Post
    Balmain - Schmidt x2, Fosdike x2, Saddington and Luff - none qualify for the academy I'm afraid! V Wests @ Picken
    Would have loved to have seen that! I didn't realise all of them were playing for Balmain!

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