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Thread: 2010 Rate the Season: #41 Shane Mumford

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    RWOs Black Sheep AnnieH's Avatar
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    2010 Rate the Season: #41 Shane Mumford

    Ruck/Rover ... see, THAT's how it's done!!!
    Big Mummy, you're the best.

    Rate away ...
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    One Man Out ShockOfHair's Avatar
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    Just about my favourite Swan. When he's not getting his own clearances he's rubbing Gazza's face into the turf or singlehandedly defeating the Dockers. 9 plus a string of snags.
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    On the Rookie List Jewels's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    I'm an unabashed fan and I'll have no words said against him so there's only one score possible!

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    Veteran Site Admin
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    Jan 2003
    Where's the 11 option? Swans have had plenty of success with "mature" players arriving at the club but none has blown me away quite so much as Mummy.

    Without wanting to in any way downplay Jack's season, Mumford was very unlucky to get pipped at the post for the B&F award, given he missed three games and played a handful with one - or two - bung knees. Really hope his curtailed pre-season won't hamper him too much in 2011.

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    Proud Tragic Swan Primmy's Avatar
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    I love the bloke, and he will get better. 8 from me, because I think I will have so much enjoyment in making it 10 next year.
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    Veterans List aardvark's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
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    Yep, best is still to come, hope those knees hold up.

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    recruit me pretty please! Cosmic Wizard's Avatar
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    He will be so much better with more support in the ruck!!!
    Had too much thrust on his young shoulders last year, but this year will be one to watch in joy
    This will be a special year

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    I have never seen such a profound shift in the roles of a set position as what Mummy did this year, and it was no understatement when experts started referring to Mumford as an extra midfielder. A fantastic season, especially after Seaby went down and he bore the massive brunt of the workload.
    10100111001 ;-)

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    10 - Gotta love the big lad from Bunyip.

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    Veterans List Big Al's Avatar
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    I fear for his safety sometimes but how can you not love the way he plays. Incredible pick up.
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    That One Over There Yuri H's Avatar
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    I'm with Primmy - won't give a 10 just 'cause I want to leave a height for him to scale up to in '11. Can't give a mere 8, though - for that beautiful tackle on whiny whingeing Ablett alone he gets bumped to 9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuri H View Post
    I'm with Primmy - won't give a 10 just 'cause I want to leave a height for him to scale up to in '11. Can't give a mere 8, though - for that beautiful tackle on whiny whingeing Ablett alone he gets bumped to 9.
    That tackle should be shown as an example of how you should tackle anyone except Ablett and Judd.Mummy got penalised because he is a big guy and used his power to full effect...exactly what a coach would want him to do. He won a lot of respect with that tackle and I agree with all the accolades above.We were so dam lucky to get him! 9

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