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Thread: "Star Five" players

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    "Star Five" players

    The Age reckons our "star five" players are as follows:

    Adam Goodes, Jarrad McVeigh, Kieren Jack, Ryan O'Keefe, Tadhg Kennelly

    Goodes would be in any teams' star list, but the others are highly debatable.

    I'd say, apart from Goodes and McVeigh, Hannebery, Mumford, and Kennedy are our other top tier players.

    O'Keefe and Kennelly are too old - Kennelly is far too injury prone - and while Jack has certainly improved, he's probably just outside the really elite group.

    If not these guys, who else?

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    Jack is in our star 5 hands down. Maybe even star 3.

    My 5 would be: Goodes, Jack, ROK, Mumford, Malceski

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    Mumford in for Kennelly is the only change I'd make to the Age list.
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    Goodes, Jack, O'Keefe, Mumford, Grundy.
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