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    3 10.71%
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    9 32.14%
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Thread: Round 18 - Western Bulldogs

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    Round 18 - Western Bulldogs

    Hmmm, well, kind of hard to predict what's going to happen this weekend after yesterday's performance.

    I think we're now really paying the price for not having a settled structure, even if it's not a particularly good one, because there are too many players wandering around looking lost at the moment. Almost as if they don't have a sense they're part of a team. Maybe it's a leadership issue.

    As for the Bulldogs, after beating Carlton the previous week, and losing to North by five goals (how on earth did we beat North???), they must win this week to keep their finals hopes alive.

    I hope it doesn't rain - it's supposed to - otherwise I fear this year's curse of the SCG will strike again.

    Swans by 8.

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    On recent form of both teams... I have absolutely no idea. We might bounce back, looking for redemption and we certainly could win. I just wonder if 10-12 goals a game will cut it against the Bulldogs.

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    I expect 100% discipline and focus from the boys this week.... If there is even a sniff of "titt for tatt" from one of our boys, they should be rotated and informed the game is NOT about themselves or how unfair a free kick was.

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    Swans by 15. Dogs have improved from earlier in the season but IF we turn up and play more than 2 quarters we will win. Big IF there I know.

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    One prediction is that the Umpires will be under lots of pressure. I sense the Swans faithful are fired up at the moment.

    Swans by 11 (Dry)
    Bulldogs by 11 (Wet)
    Draw (Half & Half)
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    This is going to a tough game for us. I'm keeping the faith.

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    I cannot make it this week so I predict a brilliant switched on game from the boys with a large convincing win.

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    I wonder if Vez is gonna get a crack for the bullies this week?
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    What a hard match to pick, an elimination final IMO. If we lose I think we are all but gone for the year, especially with the bye the following week. I am hopeful but far, far from confident of a win. Swans by 3 points.

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    The bookies have us warm favourites, it is a joke, I may have a rare bet and take the could you serously back us wet or dry at $1.55 or something. Unless of course there is a Red and White Fine Cotton Guernsey on Saturday?
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    I am feeling so negative now. I am all Chamberlained out. We have no forward structure and no foot skills to get it to the forwards anyway. Bulldogs are a faster, more skillful team than us. Dogs by 15 (that way I hope to be pleasantly surprised on the day..) I am so tired....

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    We've certainly made things difficult for ourselves - in true Swans style. Adelaide game/Freo game and we would have been sitting pretty. Both games we knew we had to win bad and we didn't. You would have thought that all the talk after the pre-lim loss last year and the feeling as though they were on the cusp of a great year with young talent that they would have aimed up.

    Now they are going to face a resurgent Dogs/Essendon/Saints + Geelong in the next 5 matches. Not good. Very disappointing.

    I think that last 2 spots in the 8 will be decided by us/dogs/saints/bombers/maybe Melbourne with easier last 3 games. And we play them all but Melb. If these guys don't aim up in coming weeks they will be out on the arse.
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