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Thread: Barry Hall to retire again.

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    Barry Hall to retire again.

    Hutchy has just announced Bazza has told dogs officials he'll finish out the year and thats it,apparently will be a press conference tommorow or wednesday.Didnt like the way Baz left us but on the weekend he became the first player to kick over 100 goals at 3 clubs and he's been a great player,be sad to see him bow out.

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    Wonder if it is purely a conicidence announcing it just before facing us on Saturday? Should bring some extra few the gate.
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    Bye Blind Barry.
    Wild speculation, unsubstantiated rumours, silly jokes and opposition delight in another's failures is what makes an internet forum fun.
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    As Premiership Captain he will always hold a special place in Swans history. It's just a shame he couldn't hold himself together and finish his career in Sydney.

    All the best big fella. (except for Sat of course)
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    Interesting he chose this game to announce it. Good reason to beat them.

    Weary Hall tells Dogs he will quit

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    I have a soft spot for Barry, leaving the Swans was probably the best thing but I do wonder how Jesse & co would be shaping up with him still part of the team
    Hope his life post Football is happy
    If he starts running low on cash he could always paint himself green and hire himself out as Shrek to childrens parties.

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    Yes seems funny it is announced before this weeks game, why not just do it in another 5-6 weeks?? It should never of happened the way it ended with him at the swans, a real shame and I never wished him well at the bulldogs. I wish him all the best in the future but I hope we flog them this week, I have a big dislike for the doggies since hall went there and also in their treatment of akker (yes I am a fan of his). Also the fact that they have eliminated us in last years and the 08 finals series aswell.

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    Barry Hall

    Today Barry will announce that he will retire at the end of the season and I thought I would put this down on our board.

    I implore all Swans fans to not boo Barry when he returns to the SCG on Saturday. I thought it was ridiculous he got booed last time in Kirk's farewell. Perhaps the emotion got the better of people, perhaps it was the fair-weathered who got out for the game and saw Barry and though it'd be fun. But I think it was a great show of disrespect for someone who did so much for our club and without whom we would never have won the ultimate prize (and hence our drought may still be going).

    I understand this will probably fall on deaf ears for the most part, but what do you guys think? I really hope a genuine champion of our club is shown the respect he deserves this weekend. Show him the love we all showed him when he was our man. I know I will be.

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    Good luck to Barry, he was a good player for us & I wish him luck in his life after footy. I will be giving him a big cheer on the weekend but I still hope he goes goalless just for us. A charactor of the game & by all accounts a very nice bloke.

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    I'll be booing him as an opposition player whilst the game is on, but will be staying around at the end to clap him off the SCG for the last time....
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    I always clap Barry - aside from when he's lining up for goal.

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    bazza lives about 2 streets near me and he buys a large chicken every friday night haha.. hes very reserved and sticks to himself on the weekend, seen him buy videos at the video shop, and my sister always serves him at leos, very nice guy she said. Obviously on field, he used to get very frustrated whilst playing and took his anger out on the field. Good luck bazz and thanks for your time at the swannies

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