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Thread: Barry Hall still irked by Paul Roos rift

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dosser View Post
    I personally will wish him all the best. IMHO (and I will probably get shot down for this) I believe that our style of play never suited Baz as we always took so long to get the ball to him, by which stage he had 3 defenders hanging off him. Many is the time he threatened to lose his cool because of frustration with how the ball came to him. This is very different to what he experiences with the Dogs, so it is good that he had a couple of years playing in a style that suits him so that he can enjoy his twilight.

    Having said that, nothing can change the fact that he was our premiership captain and nothing can change the fact that he ALWAYS put his body on the line for us. It was a shame that he left the way he did, but the fuse had been burning for a long time for the abovementioned reason (probably as well as others, too).
    Agree with some of what you've said, but for a goodly portion of his time there, the doggies mids have more resembled our allegedly unsuitable midfield. Not sure whether it was bad luck, bad timing, or maybe even Barry himself which changed their dynamic. For a long time, I too felt he was routinely butchered by our slow play and ball movement into the forward line, but his time with the dogs has not coincided with their midfield at its best. The 64 million dollar question is why - did they drop off or were they kicking to the wrong spots, or was he leading to the wrong spots? They were undeniably one of the most silky skilled mid fields for a long time, but not in the last two seasons - and maybe, just maybe - it might have a bit to do with how Hally plays?

    Unfortunately one of the times it did all click for them was last year's semi. Bugger. That game hurt.

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    I always rated Barry Hall, fantastic player, I was there when he did the lap around the SCG and all the crowd stood and clapped. I thought it was very sad but inevitable. I was glad the Dogs picked him up and he was playing well. Now I am abit disappointed with all that has gone on. He did say he was unhappy at the Swans for five years or so. He neglected to say about his private life and the difficulties he was having, Paul Roos gave him great support and went out of his way to get help for him. His main beef was with the Swans culture, he felt he is an old fashioned footballer and that footy belongs on the field. I would say he wasn't into meetings and discussions, team leaders etc, he was not scathing but felt it was not his scene. To say he was hung out to dry with the media at the end is forgetting that many times Roos fronted the media in support of Hall, as did Kirk. In the end I guess they were over it. Barry is certainly bitter and in time I hope he reflects and sees differently. My disappointment has been his behaviour and his attitude to the Swans with the media. This was shown today at the Sydney v Bulldogs match, he was not a happy camper and bitterly disappointed. Happily I did not hear many boos from the crowd and he is lucky it is Sydney because if it was Collingwood or of similar ilk they would have booed him from beginning to end. Hopefully he finds happiness in his retirement. The book he is to deliver will soon show his true colours and it worries me that the boot is going to be stuck in.

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    Played a great game today. Without any fuss.

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    Great send off. Biffo kicked 5 and we won. Everyone is happy. Well maybe not Eade or Barry but..........We're back in the 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bas View Post
    Great send off. Biffo kicked 5 and we won. Everyone is happy. Well maybe not Eade or Barry but..........We're back in the 8.
    The upside for them is that they now know exactly when his absolutely positively final game will be ... (against Fremantle at Etihad in Round 24). All his important people can get there, and his bulldog fans can reciprocate the love. Will be interesting to see how many of them care enough to bother.

    Unfortunately his disdain for Sydney has been in evidence all week, which is sad. Instead of putting his bitterness on public show, he'd have been far better served if he'd let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak.

    Ultimately, it was his problem that he couldn't keep his hands to himself - how much more was the club supposed to tolerate? At least we are all in agreement - leaving worked out better all round. He should be thanking the Swans for doing him the favour of booting him - without which he would never have found his newly beloved home!!!

    And our forward line looks pretty special these days with young Sam Reid in it, hopefully for his entire career. Sydney should move heaven and earth to make sure he stays!

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    Has he gone yet????
    Wild speculation, unsubstantiated rumours, silly jokes and opposition delight in another's failures is what makes an internet forum fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottH View Post
    Played a great game today. Without any fuss.
    Was hard for them to build any fuss - they were very very flat today - putting in for around 20 minutes in total and going up and down in the one spot for the rest of the game (apart from Baz, who was good and played a lone hand).

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnieH View Post
    Has he gone yet????
    Nope. Still hanging around for a few more rounds yet. More farewells than Melba ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ernie koala View Post
    I agree with this, he seems to want it both ways. Continue to feel hard done by and sulk about his Swans departure, but feel the love at the same time.
    If he wanted the love, he should of shown some maturity and risen above his beef with Roos and Kirk, ( a fair enough beef IMO, they hung him out to dry in the media).
    Pretty much how I see it too. They seemed to be good at doing that.
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    And depending on which paper you read ie :News Ltd "Barry hates the Swans blah blah blah" - Rebecca Wilsons peice in Saturdays paper was pathetic. (a woman who only has her job at the paper because she married to the boss!) I reckon Baz must told her a few home truths once and she has had it in for him every since. Lets not forget Baz writes for Fairfax papers , yes folks the opposition- and he is still on the Dogs payroll, again the opposition. I heard on the radio on the way in to the game on Saturday arvo the bloke who wrote the book with him, MIchael Crowley - and whilst Brad McEwan was trying to make a mountain out of a molehill - Micheal Cowley put it too bed - he said there is no rift and Baz & Roos are fine - time to move on.
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