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Thread: Changes for Rnd 23 V The Cats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Go Swannies View Post
    Nope, the last Prime Minister was Rudd and the one before that was Howard. The current PM is Gillard. Last year is not 2011 because "last" means the preceding or previous one. Try introducing your partner as "my last partner" and see how it goes.
    That may be so, but if you were to talk about both your current partner and your ex, you could say "my last two partners". So long as it's clear you're still dating the current one, then it's all good.

    Australia's last two PMs are Rudd and Gillard, but the last PM is Rudd. Just one of the many quirks and inconsistencies of the English language.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bas View Post
    I wonder if a week off will affect their performance as it did to Collingwwod when they played us. On League Teams last night they all thought the week off would give the Cats to give us a real thrashing.

    Hard to say how much this week will affect the Swans mentally.

    Cats have to lose sooner or later down there but probably not tomorrow.
    So nice to be wrong. I wonder how much having the bye last week affected them.
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