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Thread: Open Training Session Monday 12 September.

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    It could be argued that he does have two right knees? Or two left ones?

    The Bees knees

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quiet_Observer View Post
    Some nicely framed shots. What camera/lens combo were you using?
    Not my pics mate.
    So I have no idea. But I would be happy with that lot!!

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    Friend of ours has the camera and lens - sitting with us and a mad supporter anyway, and he just hands it over to Matthew and says go for it.

    Most of the boys were limping a bit, but all of them seemed more than happy to just get out on the grass and put in a session. It was broken up a fair bit, ending up with some off to the pool, and some down to the bikes. Some were wearing those satelite thingys. Gawd they can talk. You would think they would be sick of each other by now, but no, chat chat chat. Jude and Peb are hard trainers. I wish MykePyke was playing. He is leaner than he was, he can MOVE, and now he can kick a goal on the run.

    You would barely know who were seniors and who were ressies and who were toppies except perhaps for size. In the main they were all training together, all very inclusive.
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