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Thread: First game of the season - Swans v GWS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bas View Post
    Perhaps a mail (male) order husband who has enough brains to open a bottle of wine. There is internet dating and you can play "stalker lotto". That fills in a bit of time between games. Do you remember when I told you about my first internet date? The 10 year old photo's

    It's said that marriage is an you really want to get institutionalised?

    I'll give you some Brewongle tips on saving money by not dating. Gives you plenty of money to get Fox Footy Channel.
    I have the fox footy channel - and thus far am loving it. Am a mad 360 watcher - I like Gerard, Robbo (he is lovely when he actually smiles) and then every Wednesday I have my Mark McClure so I'm happy.

    True the bride isnt a footy person, but the parents know that I am!!!;-) (and its only one game when its all said and done.)

    nah have had my share of blind dates,internet dates, doomed relationships, anyway such is life I'm not losing sleep over it. And besides, I am blessed to have some of the most terrific males friend a gal could ever ask for (2 of whom I will be sharing my footy time with in the Brewongle)

    I quite like the following:-

    "its better to have loved and lost than to be stuck with a complete idiot for the rest of your life" so really, I'm happy with that.
    I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure..................
    Chickens drink - but they don't pee!

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    I definitely agree with that quote. In 'the old days' people used to stay together simply because of the structural demands of society. The rates of Domestic Violence were far higher due to people being trapped in toxic marriages. Having said that this thread is about the first game and I am very excited about this game. I think it will be a better game than the bookies are predicting. It will be great if we can build a great rivalry from the start. I don't mean a close game necessarily but a very competitive game fought with intense emotion. I think Sheeds will have his mob fired right up to the chimneys for this one and our blokes are going to be keen to teach the newcomer who's boss. BRING IT ON!!!

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    I predict that we will appreciate their fight up until half time, then their lack of pre-seasons will show as we will finish all over them. Of course, I do have these recurring nightmares about injuries and GWS achieveing above expectations...
    And speaking as someone who has been happily married for 15 years (out of a total of 25 - that's not too bad), I have the best of both worlds, including my little packed munchies when I go to the game, etc.

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