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Thread: Media Ladder predictions 2012

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    Media Ladder predictions 2012

    In today's herald sun Shane Crawford had Sydney finishing in 11th. These are his full predictions.

    1. Hawthorn
    2. Collingwood
    3. Carlton
    4. Geelong
    5. Fremantle
    6. West Coast
    7. Essendon
    8. North Melbourne
    9. St Kilda
    10. W. Bulldogs
    11. Sydney
    12. Melbourne
    13. Richmond
    14. Adelaide
    15. Brisbane Lions
    16. Gold Coast
    17. Port Adeliade
    18. GWS

    Some of the teams he has us behind astound me, i think i will wait for a more reputable media personality to have his 2c.

    There is no link to this on the herald sun website(that i know of).

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    Underestimate us at your peril

    That's fine, they will keep underestimating us as they do every year to their peril. I do not see the talent that would make Freo, Nth, Ess, Dogs, StK better than us. I even think that WC will stumble this year after overacheiving last year. We will be competing with Carl and WC for the last spot in the 4 IMO.


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    There's a surprise, he picked Hawthorn to win the flag!
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    I must admit that when I clicked on this I thought it was an old thread. He did exactly the same last year and I wouldnt be surprised if this was the same ladder reprinted. He says this to create a storm with supporters so that they can sell papers.

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    Haha what a twat - but hardly a suprise! Can't wait to come back and look at this thread at the end of the year when he and all his other muppet media friends are proven wrong by us!

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    If I was asked to produce a ladder that would sell the greatest number of papers in suburban Melbourne, I too would highlight the local teams chances of playing finals. And fill the last 5 places with interstate teams.
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    they never get it right.....
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    Thats just laughable really, what is he thinking??? 11th??? There must be something beyond just a normal prediction for crawf, im guessing he really doesnt like the swans at all, as most media do aswell. As a minimum we are a better side than dogs, saints, north, essendon and freo and would give most of the others a run for there money aswell. What a dimwit he is.

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    Here is what he went with last year. After each team, I've put a +/- that indicated actual finish (minor premiership).

    1. Collingwood (correct)
    2. Bulldogs (-8)
    3. St Kilda. (-3)
    4. Hawthorn.(-1)
    5. Geelong.(+3)
    6. Carlton (+1)
    7. Melbourne. (-6)
    8. Fremantle. (-3)
    9. Sydney. (+2)
    10. North Melbourne. (+1)
    11. Adelaide. (-3)
    12. Essendon. (+4)
    13. Port. (-3)
    14. Brisbane. (-1)
    15. West Coast (+11)
    16. Richmond. (+4)
    17. Gold Coast (correct)

    So, he was actually reasonably close with the Swans and Hawks. He got the Dees and Eagles way wrong but who didn't. I really didn't get how Melbourne were actually being touted as genuine top four finishers at the beginning of last season when it was clear their list was just a bit too young to convincingly run out four full quarters, but I suspect they'll improve.

    When it comes to Melbourne-based 'experts' predicting the season, I often wonder whether it's more so that we're not really on their radar rather than a concious decision to 'downgrade' our prospects. His 2012 predictions look more to me like Sydney starting and finishing the season in the same form as last year but other teams improving on their form and therefore pushing us down the ladder a few notches.

    Let's face it, unless he goes hell for leather chasing information down, there's far less analysis of Sydney in the Melbourne media than some other teams and therefore much less to work with.
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    Honestly, I'd be worried if he had us in the four.
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    Why get surprised, angry or outraged? The 'experts' have done it for a few years now, and we prove them wrong - what's the big deal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jono2707 View Post
    Why get surprised, angry or outraged? The 'experts' have done it for a few years now, and we prove them wrong - what's the big deal?
    Because, perhaps, most on RWO would be scared he could be right. But that sentiment doesn't seem to sit well here.

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