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Thread: Media Ladder predictions 2012

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    Tagging Crawford as part of the media is a bit of a joke in itself, circus clown might be a better description. Not saying he wasn't a great footballer, but media? NO. Dermie, on the other hand knows his stuff, I used to love it when he an Denis did the commentary together, he knew pretty much who was going to do what and more often than not was right. He seems to have summed up our positives and negatives pretty well, good to see someone else notice Parker, who will, in time, be as valuable to the Swans as Reid.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about what Shane Crawford has got to say about the swans.

    No word of a lie here, for the last 5-7 years, whenever he's been asked to talk about the swans, whether it be an analysis of a game just played on 'The Sunday Footy Show' or previewing a swans game on 'The Thursday Night Footy Show', he always trotts out the same few lines about us, LITERALLY ALWAYS!!!!!........"the swans, well they like to play that lock down style of football, thats what they're known for........", and on it goes.

    I kid you mot, every single time he is asked about the swans, whether it be prior to a game or after a game, win-lose or draw, his analysis always starts with those same words, its like he just reverts back to the same old tried and trusted lines in relation to the swans just so he can sound like he knows what he's talking about!!!

    Its truely pathetic!!!

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    I often think of Dermie and Warne as being similar - I'm not impressed with either of them as people (as they are portrayed in the media) but they both have exceptional knowledge of their sport. When Dermie is giving 'special comments' he often sees the play unfolding before others do and calls what is about to happen. He rarely gets it wrong. For this reason I have a lot of time for his opinions on footy.

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    Shane Crawford was giving a review of a game on the Sunday Footy Show years ago and I thought 'you didn't see the game live did you'. I think he watched the highlights and gave a review. My grandfather used to write reviews of SANFL matches at the Bay Oval. He never went to a match, he used to sit in the Holfast Hotel and send a 'nit'. The 'nit' would come back at the end of each quarter and give a report and 'Stump' would write his column from the reports.

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    +1 to the Dermie comments. By far the best "Special Comments" contributor in our game.
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    +2 for Dermie - although I try not to like him he always seems to win me over with his insight and also his sense of humour. He's a welcome addition to Foxtel this year....

    Mike Sheehan also noted today (I think) that he expects the Swans to finish in 7th this year and he also referred to the fact that our gameplan is subtly changing and moving away from the 'lockdown' stuff without compromising our hardness. Hopefully a few other 'experts' pay attention to this and stop referring to our 'stoppage-heavy' and 'lockdown' style which indicates to me that they haven't actually watched us for a few years. Just because we play hard and tough footy doesn't necessarily mean we play a boring game which is still the perception of some...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cpt. Kirk View Post
    In today's herald sun Shane Crawford had Sydney finishing in 11th. These are his full predictions.

    1. Hawthorn
    2. Collingwood
    3. Carlton
    4. Geelong
    5. Fremantle
    6. West Coast
    7. Essendon
    8. North Melbourne
    9. St Kilda
    10. W. Bulldogs
    11. Sydney
    12. Melbourne
    13. Richmond
    14. Adelaide
    15. Brisbane Lions
    16. Gold Coast
    17. Port Adeliade
    18. GWS

    Some of the teams he has us behind astound me, i think i will wait for a more reputable media personality to have his 2c.

    There is no link to this on the herald sun website(that i know of).
    Quote Originally Posted by goswannie14 View Post
    There's a surprise, he picked Hawthorn to win the flag!

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    He, he. Shane wasn't that bad. He got 6 out of 8 right. Unfortunately for him those 2 he missed ended up in top 4. IMO Carlton is overrated and Essendon was unlucky with injuries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcs View Post
    Haha what a twat - but hardly a suprise! Can't wait to come back and look at this thread at the end of the year when he and all his other muppet media friends are proven wrong by us!
    Come back, MCS!

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