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Thread: Short video analysis of Ted Richards

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    Short video analysis of Ted Richards

    This is a one and a half minute video on Ted. It is made by the Geelong football club for If the link does not work, it is called "Opposition Breakdown: Ted Richards"

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    Gee I hope there actually tactics are more complex than that.

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    So the tactic is "work hard, kick straight - and be nice to your mum" or something?

    Maybe the trick is to outstudy him and find someone with a PhD to more than match his Masters program? I'm certainly going to tune in next week to see how to bring Port undone!

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    Well its not like they're going to publicise exactly how they'll try and beat Ted. The Swans 'game plan' articles are anything but an analysis of our game plan.

    I think that's its pretty funny Harry includes a fun fact about the player he 'breaks down'. Maybe he fancies himself coaching in a later life.

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