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Thread: Guess who'll be on top by tomorrow night?

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    On the Rookie List Jewels's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    Gee I was hoping to get on here this morning and not see a thread like this.......
    It seems that whenever there is a golden opportunity like we have this weekend we shoot ourselves in the foot.
    What an amazing round/year of footy, we can be anywhere from 1st to 6th by tomorrow night.

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    One Man Out ShockOfHair's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Due north
    Yeah, this has got 'danger game' written all over it.

    "Meninga" Voss is channelling SOO.
    Voss wants Lions to channel Maroons | AFL | Fox Sports
    The man who laughs has not yet heard the terrible news

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    Veterans List DeadlyAkkuret's Avatar
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    @@@@ing North, can't do anything right.

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    Oh yes... yes... we are on top of the ladder bayyyyyybeeeeeeeeee.

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