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Thread: Where will your team finish on the AFL ladder?

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    Where will your team finish on the AFL ladder?

    2nd and a home final against the Pies.
    Not sure if that is a good thing or not!!

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    Keep winning and no reason we can?t finish top 2.

    Adelaide would have to be a lock for top 2 with their draw.

    Don?t think Hawthorn will lose 2 though.

    For us top 4 is not assured yet though - it is even possible for us to finish with 16 - 6 and miss the top 4. So yeah, keep winning Swannies.

    Off topic but I did want to say this, before the season started I would have these as the hardest four games to win:

    Hawthorn in Tasmania
    West Coast in Perth
    Carlton in Melbourne
    Geelong at Skilled Stadium

    Games against Geelong and Hawthorn at home, Essendon in Melbourne, Richmond at MCG all looked hard and plenty of 50:50 games (St Kilda, Adelaide, Fremantle etc). Strangely Collingwood at ANZ was not one I would have put in the top 4 hardest, given our improvement against the Pies I felt this would be our year (and nothing has of course changed in that regard).

    What an achievement and what a great year this has been, to have beaten Hawthorn in Tasmania, West Coast in Perth, Essendon in Melbourne and Geelong at home.

    Whatever happens from here, this is a year to saviour and enjoy!

    We will now be strong favourites to beat Carlton, meaning we could be heading into the last round having won 3 from 3 of the hardest 4 games.

    I do not think it can be underestimated the confidence this young team has got from beating West Coast last year in Perth and Geelong at Skilled Stadium. This has really made the players believe they can beat anyone anywhere.

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    I'm not fussed . It is all about where we finish on the last Saturday in September. I think it will be first.

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    I did that ladder predictor a week ago and had the Hawks ending up on top and the Swans finishing either second if they beat the Pies or the Hawks or third if they lost both. The Crows were the others in that top 3. I had the Eagles in 4th and the Pies 5th but the eagles injuries may see that order change, too. But as SCG says if we keep winning we'll stay on top. The Pies and Hawks games will be massive in terms of confidence going into the finals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swansinger View Post
    I'm not fussed . It is all about where we finish on the last Saturday in September. I think it will be first.
    Agree, that is where we want to finish. People cant possibly tip who finishes where and who plays who, but I guess it makes it interesting. One week at a time is the best way to take it, injuries play a huge part (e.g if mummy had of done something serious to his knee and was out for the rest of the year then bye bye 2012). Im looking no further than the gold coast this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msb View Post
    One week at a time is the best way to take it
    From now onwards, I expect the Swans will be treating every game like it is a Grand Final ... unless of course it actually is the Grand Final which they'll just be treating like a normal season game.
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