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Thread: Media stories in the week before the preliminary final

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    Media stories in the week before the preliminary final

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    We are not going to hear the end of "oh poor Collingwood" thing all week - if its not the 6 day break - its the JMac emotion(which that is justified - dont get me wrong) or the Pies injuries - but its going to be at saturation point- be prepared!!!

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    A nice one about the Bloods culture by Shane Crawford of all people:

    The boys tell me that the team almost becomes a second family and you end up spending most of your spare time hanging out with teammates and indoctrinated into the "Bloods" culture that has been a large part of the Swans' recent success.

    Perhaps we are seeing the flip side to that in terms of rugby league in Melbourne with the Storm
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    Selling newspapers ? beating Collingwood.

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