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Thread: Sydney v Hawthorn - THE GRAND FINAL (Let's discuss!)

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    Just some things to do FYI


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    Quote Originally Posted by billyboob View Post
    Are the Swans in really good form or were the Pies soft in the prelim? Didn't feel like the game had the same sort of intensity that the Crows/Hawks game did. And I don't know if that's just because the Bloods have lifted another level or because the opposition didn't bring it (for whatever reason - exhaustion/didn't rate us/didn't care).

    Hawks were caught napping and I doubt they'll be so complacent in the GF.
    Agree - the Pies game was more about how average they were. Swans need to improve a lot in terms of holding marks (Sam...), less turnovers and straighter kicking. Fortunately they tend to get reversed the following week. Staying on their feet on Sat will be important, if it's wet. Drop Jetta and Sam, put McGlynn and Rohan in!

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    Are we there yet??

    Wild speculation, unsubstantiated rumours, silly jokes and opposition delight in another's failures is what makes an internet forum fun.
    Blessed are the cracked for they are the ones who let in the light.

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    Stats I like:
    1) swans have gone from one of the worst kicking sides to the number one in terms of accuracy this year - i remember it was a clear direction at the end of last year (i'm sure we all remember the numerous games where our behinds greatly out-numbered our goals last year) that they would work on their goal kicking, and the stats don't lie.
    2) i heard that we are also the team least likely to kick backwards - over the last couple of years (or even maybe around the 05/06/07 timeframe) it was all about tempo footy, and we would so often kick the ball backwards and try and set up the play. This whole 'slingshot' approach where we all crowd around the ball and leave a big open forward line looks like a pretty good strategy. you would think a loose man in defence (or at least always ensuring their is at least one hawthorn player behind our player) would be a simple thing to potentially counter this, but i'm hoping that hawthorn don't go down that path and try and play their attacking style.

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    Re: Sydney v Hawthorn - THE GRAND FINAL (Let's discuss!)

    Isn't 'slingshot' footy just a fancy way of saying we get numbers back, like just about every other team in the comp? The difference this year is in our improved outside run, and willingness to work as a team. We've won games this year where we've dominated the time in forward half stat as well, like the prelim against Collingwood... I don't believe in omens any more, but the on-field indicators are good.

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    Hopefully all of the Hawthorn supporters are iPhone 5 users and therefore wont be able to find The G.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheer Squad View Post
    I think we're in better shape approaching this GF than we were in either 2005 or 2006.

    We weren't expected to win back then, because of all the attention on West Coast's star-studded line-up. Our path through the finals was somewhat fragile - we just got over the line in the 2005 semi, and then in the qualifying final in 2006.

    This year, our performance through the finals has been much more solid (and satisfying). Two five goal wins against our traditional bogey teams, including an away win.

    We've also beaten our opponent this weekend earlier this year in convincing fashion - and they've demonstrated a clear susceptibility to pressure on more than one occasion during the season.

    I think we're a genuine chance to beat the Hawks on Saturday.
    fully agree

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    Quote Originally Posted by iigrover View Post
    Hopefully all of the Hawthorn supporters are iPhone 5 users and therefore wont be able to find The G.

    I'm not arrogant, I'm right

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    weather forecast looks utterly diabolical. Max 14 Showers with possible Thunderstorms and hail.
    Official Driver Of The "Who Gives A @@@@ As The Player Will Get Delisted Anyway" Bandwagon.

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    I dont care what anyone says - i think Hodge will feel the effects this week. Any body who is crook enough to miss a pre-lim due to a fever/bug would still be feeling flat the week after. To me today he still looked howyagoin'!

    There are not too many players that come back from illness and perfom above and beyond their usual abilities.

    Its a positive for us im sure.

    Cant wait to see JPK rip their mids a new one.

    Cmon bloods!!!

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    Hodge could be knackered by the last quarter.
    Also, the Hawks seem to play their Grand Final last week.
    Bit of over the top celebration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffers1984 View Post
    weather forecast looks utterly diabolical. Max 14 Showers with possible Thunderstorms and hail.
    That's Melbourne speak for a fine day. Haven't had a thunderstorm in ages and what is hail?

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