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Thread: Malthouse comments in August

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    No, Malthouse was right. We are predictable. We keep winning, the unwinnable!!

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    yeah, eat a dick malthouse!! haha

    In all seriousness, well done swannies!!! that was nothing short of SENSATIONAL! We wanted it the most, it really showed at the end. The whole team played well - Im so happy right now!!!!!!!!!!

    Few other things id like to touch on...

    1. How the hell can hawthorn be favourites for the flag next year already??? - I reckon itll be hard for them to bounce back after today.

    2. To all those so called "Experts" in the media that continually write us off *cough* malthouse *cough* ... and all those other melbourne journo/knowitall idiots... STICK THAT UP YOUR ASS!!! SWANS - 2012 premiers!!!!!

    I can see the headlines from VIC in the next week or so... "SWANS STOLE THAT FLAG" .... "SWANS DIDNT WIN THAT, HAWKS LOST IT" all that kind of crap. Its coming i reckon.

    End of the day, Sydney Swans are the 2012 AFL PREMIERS!!!!


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    He was indeed right - he said we were not a top-two side . And we proved him correct - by being a TOP ONE side!!

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    Stick that up your house Muttarse!!
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    The mistake the oidiet made was to lump in the swans with Adelaide when commenting on the ease of the draw for some (ironic coming from a man whose ex-team got huge free runs in the draw routinely). To be fair his piece was an opinion piece written for a Victorian audience so he does well from being controversial. However I can't wait to give it to him next year when we belt the Blues at the SCG.
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    Brad Scott at the breakfast when asked for his tip answered that he cant understand why people are tipping Sydney.

    Yeah thanks Brad. Muppet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nich View Post
    Brad Scott at the breakfast when asked for his tip answered that he cant understand why people are tipping Sydney.

    Yeah thanks Brad. Muppet.
    Just another one shown to be a muppet. If I remember rightly, we gave them a good old pasting this year. One team are premiers, another were nowhere near!

    It'll be the same next year, and we'll show them again!!!

    # SWANS - 2012 PREMIERS!

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    This is not the first time Malthouse's predictions have proven so wrong. On the Monday after the 2006 Grand Final he predicted the demise of Sydney (to be regular bottom ladder performers in the years ahead).

    Further he predicted a dynasty of future flags for the Eagles.

    Sydney in the following 6 years only missed the Finals once.

    The Eagles meanwhile came third last just two years later, then a Wooden Spoon in 2010. It took them five years after winning the 06 flag to win its next Finals game.

    Prophet Mick? I dont think so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nich View Post
    Brad Scott at the breakfast when asked for his tip answered that he cant understand why people are tipping Sydney.

    Yeah thanks Brad. Muppet.
    Brad Scott? HAHAHAHAH hows north going brad you flog? Got pumped by 100 points against WC thinking their "gut running" football would win them finals. He's got no clue that bloke, i predict norf will be fighting for 10th spot next year.
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    Malthouse comments in August

    Quote Originally Posted by jono2707 View Post
    He was interviewed by Gibbsy and Brandy on 2UE last week and he repeated his call that the Swans were 'predictable' and therefore 'stoppable'. It was actually an interesting interview and he did admit that the Pies were a bit lucky that their winning streak went on as long as it did. And by 'predictable', he meant that our gameplan is fairly basic and that we rely on doing a few things very well
    having just watch Roos on the boundary at half time it seems to me that he agrees with malthouse. at least the predictable part anyway
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