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Thread: My appeal to everyone at the game tomorrow

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    My appeal to everyone at the game tomorrow

    1.Be safe ! Don't do anything daft on the roads - or anywhere else.

    2.Cheer , shout and yell til you can do it no more.
    Then , DO IT ALL AGAIN !

    3. Don't be shy - don't worry about looking an idiot - don't worry about your great aunty or boss watching you - let everyone know THE SWANNIES ARE IN TOWN !

    One day , we will be old and grey (I'm halfway there already) . And in a quiet moment , we may ask ourselves "What did I do for The Team at the Grand Final 2012?".
    If you treat this game like it's your last , you'll be able to answer with a clear conscience .

    Seize this moment !
    Show your passion !!
    Get right on that White Knuckle Rollercoaster Ride that is a GF !!!

    It'll be SCARY , it'll be loud , but , My Word - it's going to be EXCITING , it's going to be FUN !!

    COME ON SWANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great post!

    As the players will do, we must give it all. Don't leave nothing in the sheds. Give hard, and give again!!!

    Whatever happens, be loud, be proud, be red and white!!!

    I will yell till I'm hoarse, cheer till I can cheer no more - in the hope that when that final siren goes, it will be red and white on that trophy. If not, we will live another day, but I want to feel what I felt in 2005, all over again. Our team is good enough, lets help them get over the line. We can get the boys home tomorrow - if the Hawks kick a goal, cheer louder, help the Bloods get it back! If we kick a goal, cheer even louder, help us kick another! Lets be the 23rd man for our team, and lets help them bring home the cup!

    And if your not pumped already, here is something that will get the adrenalin going:
    2005 AFL Grand Final Highlights - Sydney Swans v West Coast Eagles - YouTube

    BE LOUD, BE PROUD and BELIEVE!!! I'll be red and white till I die, and if that day was tomorrow, I am going to die knowing I've given my all for the team that makes me ever so proud every time they go onto the field!

    # BELIEVE - SWANS 2012!!!

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    My appeal to everyone at the game tomorrow

    I've been wearing the Red and White all week.
    CHER - Who has two types of blood cells "RED ones and WHITE ones"

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    I have one request children. Behave. Let there be no dickheads in red and white.

    And please remember IF you happen to be a new Swan. They are either umps or maggots, they are NOT refs, as the drunk foul mouthed DH sitting next to us kept calling them last weekend.
    If you've never jumped from one couch to the other to save yourself from lava then you didn't have a childhood

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    I've also worn Red and White including a Christmas hat today. I'm so ready for tomorrow.

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    Great post! I echo all the sentiments. Be safe, be loud, be proud, leave everything in the stands (except for your rubbish) and enjoy our team amd its fans. Time to rock'n'roll!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcs View Post
    And if your not pumped already, here is something that will get the adrenalin going
    I believe 7mate replayed the 05 final at 4 pm and it's on again just now! (they had 06 inbetween)

    Thunder is shaking down from the sky outside my house just now. Everyone have a great day tomorrow!

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