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Thread: Pies "Bloods" Culture

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    Pies "Bloods" Culture

    Pies have enlisted Ray McClean to help build leadership and a culture.

    He's been with the Blues for the last 3 years, and I know he's been to St Kilda.
    Swans still appear to have the best culture.

    You can have all the guidance in the world, but if the group don't take it on board as a whole it means jack.
    Good luck with the pies.

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    Spot on Scott. I've had personal experience with Leading Teams over a number of years at a major bank. It does work if you have buy-in from EVERYONE. They certainly gave us a framework to help our culture however at the end of the day it comes down to your own people (at all levels). The people that appeared to be most challenged were people I would call 'control freaks' which shouldn't surprise included key management. It encourages communication, empowerment, agreed goals and regular feedback. It also should include an induction for any new people to understand the framework and agree to the buy-in. If they don't buy-in then shouldn't be recruited. It should be a 'rolling culture' to minimise the affect of staff turnover. It will be very interesting to see how Collingwood approach and accept Leading Teams as it should be from everyone.
    My gut feeling says that they will be challenged more with ego's such as McGuire & Buckley The Swan's did well with Richard Colless and Paul Roos commencing/leading the way and cudos to all at the Swan's for transitioning and maintaining a great culture over the recent years.

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    It appears they are not planning to adopt our 'no dickhead' policy...

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    It's a lot easier for us to have our culture/policy/philosophy based in a city that gives you some level of anonymity.
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