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Thread: Vote 1, Jason

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    Vote 1, Jason

    A fair point, an election should be as fair as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stellation View Post
    I guess just because if it's an election I believe the candidates should be on a level pegging and should all have equal opportunity to show voters what they can bring to the table. The club obviously takes this view as well as they have stated it's their policy not to endorse a candidate, but in this case have decided to deviate from it. I think it gives him a significant advantage over other potential candidates, his skills and experience should present as a significant fair advantage and really Jason (like all potential candidates) should speak for himself. Every candidate should have equal opportunity to explain why they are the right candidate.

    I have no issue with the Swans website being used, I should add, for candidates to speak to potential voters (assuming all candidates have the same opportunity).

    I'm not suggesting that it's abnormal for a body to endorse a candidate for election to its board, I just don't like it. It seems a bit boys clubish to me, that's all.
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    I'm a little uncomfortable with it as well. If Jason Ball runs and issues his own statement with endorsements from the club I could live with it, but this seems like rigging I guess. That doesn't mean that Ball isn't the best candidate mind you, it'd just be nice if we were able to determine that for ourselves.

    Any chance of more info about what he's achieved while he's been on the board and why we should vote for him other than because Richard Colless wants us to?
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