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Thread: Round 3: Sydney Swans Reserves v Gold Coast Suns Reserves

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    Round 3: Sydney Swans Reserves v Gold Coast Suns Reserves

    If you're planning to follow the Ressies on the weekend, you can get a team list (WITH TOP-UP PLAYER NUMBERS) from the NEAFL website

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    That might just about be the best half of footy I have seen our reserves team play when you take into account the quality of the opposition. The forward line pressure was immense, with every single player focussed on tackling and chasing. Scoreboard is 10.12 to 3.3 but its more about how they are doing it than the actual score.

    And Mitchell yet to come.

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    Agree with Liz - a really good performance so far against strong opposition. Jed's working well, I'm liking the work of most of the others too. Really excited to see Tom in the second half in conditions that should suit him.

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    Look forward to fuller updates ..... please :-)

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    From facebook:

    Mitchell spoils a sun kick in Def. Gathers and goals under pressure 13.16 6.5

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    Final score was 15.20 to 10.5

    Suns found it slightly easier to get the ball forqard as the Swans tired in the second half but the Swans were still running harder at the end than their opponents. Many missed but gettable shots gave the Suns acoreboard respectability they didnt deserve.

    Not a heap of touchs to Mitchell but there were some classy moments from him.

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    Good news about the Mitch.
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    Thanks Liz and others . There's a write-up on the official site now.
    Bright start for Swans reserves -
    He reminds him of the guys, close-set, slow, and never rattled, who were play-makers on the team. (John Updike, seeing Josh Kennedy in a crystal ball)

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    Swans 7.6 10.12 12.16 15.20 (110)
    Suns 1.0 3.3 5.5 10.5 (65)


    Goal Kickers: M. Morton 4, T. Membrey 3, H. Cunningham 2, A. Brown , E. Sertbas , T. Mitchell , D. Robinson , B. Jack , J. Lamb
    Best Players: J. Lamb, H. Cunningham, D. Robinson, A. Brown, J. White


    Goal Kickers: J. Hall 3, A. Boston , D. Gorringe , D. Stanley , J. Taylor , J. Holland , K. Horsley , T. Cornish
    Best Players: C. Cameron, J. Allen, T. McKenzie, J. Hall, J. Taylor, A. Boston

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    I wrote a preview for this game but couldn't post it last night on RWO. Here it is for future reference and for those who are interested.

    Here come the Suns

    NEAFL Round 3
    Sydney Swans Reserves v Gold Coast Suns Reserves
    Saturday 6th April 2013 10.05am
    Sydney Cricket Ground

    While the seniors were allocated an ?easy? draw to open their premiership defence, the Reserves haven?t been afforded the same luxury with their first 2 games of the 2013 season being pitted against the might of the Giants Reserves, and now in a tantalising cross-conference clash, the Suns Reserves.

    The Swans managed to hang on for a mighty 5 point victory against an inaccurate UWS side, whereas the Suns had no problems dispatching Queensland side Mt. Gravatt by over 100 points.

    In the corresponding fixture last year, the earlybirds at the SCG were rewarded by a eyecatching performance by mini-draft selection Jaeger O?Meara who has now graduated to the senior team. Be prepared to be equally dazzled by the diminutive but talented Western Australian teenager Jack Martin who received BOG accolades in his last match.

    Eastern Conference Ladder
    UWS Giants1010110210795.33%0
    Sydney Uni1010111715276.97%0
    Hills Eagles101017413256.06.%0

    Northern Conference Ladder
    Suns Reserves1100115832493.75%4
    Lions Reserves1100114457252.63%4
    NT Thunder2020019223282.760
    Mt Gravatt2020012026944.61%0

    Past Meetings
    R2 Reserves 7.13 (55) defeated by Gold Coast 13.13 (91)

    The Reserves were hampered by the late withdrawals of Mark Seaby and Jesse White whilst their opponents the Suns had the ability to call on the full complement of 5 on their bench. The Reserves struggled to break down a resolute Suns defensive unit and lost it in the last quarter when Josh Fraser booted 4 of his 5 goals.

    Goals: Walsh 2, Potter, McNeil, Lycakis, Jack, Gordon
    Best: Heath, Walsh, Lycakis, Moore, Jack

    R10 Reserves 16.13 (109) defeated Gold Coast 8.8 (56) @ Blacktown International Sports Park
    In the wet and damp conditions out west, the talls Mark Seaby (in the ruck) and Matthew Spangher (at CHF) dominated for the Swans as they romped to a comfortable 9 goal win over the Suns. The physicality and pressure of the home team was too much for Gold Coast whose sloppiness proved costly as they could only manage 3 goals to 3 quarter time.

    Goals: Spangher 4, Morton 3, Everitt 2, Seaby 2, Moody, Cunningham, Mitchell, White, Walsh
    Best: Seaby, Spangher, Biggs, Everitt, Moore, Davis

    R18 Gold Coast 15.10 (100) defeated by Reserves 20.11 (131) @ Metricon Stadium
    A close fought game was blown apart in the last quarter when the Reserves unleashed an 8 goal display to easily triumph away at Metricon Stadium. Mitch Morton was the star forward, kicking 9 goals in a consistent all round display with Nathan Gordon and Matt Spangher's competitive displays leading the way for the Swans.

    Goals: Morton 9, Spangher 3, Plug 2, Moore, Potter, McNeil, White, Everitt, Gordon
    Best: Gordon, Spangher, Morton, Meredith, Plug, Cunningham

    Recent Form

    Suns Reserves
    R2Mt GravattHomeWIN15832

    Last Round
    UWS Giants 14.18 (102) defeated by Reserves 17.5 (107) @ ANZ Stadium

    Goals: Morton 3, Membrey 3, Everitt 3, Weir, Jack, Head, Lloyd, White, Cunningham, Brown, Lamb
    Best: Everitt, Bird, White, Morton, Lloyd, Cunningham

    Gold Coast Reserves 24.14 (158) defeated Mt Gravatt 4.8 (32) @ Metricon Stadium

    Goals: Hall 4, Nicholls 3, Trask 2, Osborne 2, L.Weller 2, Boston 2, Mills 2, Martin 2, Sexton, Cameron, Fraser, Schade, Cornish
    Best: Martin, Taylor, Nicholls, Osborne, Hall, Allen

    Team List
    Listed players
    1Tim MEMBREY130May have to share the forward 50 zone with Walsh this week.
    6Tom MITCHELL000Will only come on in the 2nd half, most likely as the replacement for the resting senior emergency.
    7Harry CUNNINGHAM111Alternated between defence and midfield last week, as well as assuming main kick-in duties.
    10Mitch MORTON133(Senior emergency) Very impressed with his chasing and tackling last week, now has to wait patiently for a spot to open up in the seniors.
    11Jed LAMB110Withdrawn at half time last week as the senior emergency.
    17Tommy WALSH000Returns after missing last week with a hamstring injury suffered during training midweek.
    18Jesse WHITE114(Senior emergency) Comes up against a ruckman in good form in Tom Nicholls as well as a talented backup in Daniel Gorringe.
    19Tony ARMSTRONG000Needed a full game under his belt according to Horse.
    22Dean TOWERS100With Armstrong and Rampe in the side, might be freed to play further up the ground.
    23Jordan LOCKYER100The 'experienced' hand of the tall defenders along with Dick and Richards.
    27Daniel ROBINSON100 
    28Matthew DICK100 
    31Harrison MARSH100Tagging role likely.
    33Brandon JACK110 
    36Alex BROWN110Utility who is being asked to fill in the gaps in each side.
    42Xavier RICHARDS100 
    43Dane RAMPE000(Senior emergency) Subbed out last week after cramping up, hopefully won't be the 2013 version of Harry Cunningham last year (1 game in Round 1 and none thereafter)
    44Jake LLOYD112Big challenge ahead against a tough looking midfield.
    46Shane BIGGS100 
    In: Mitchell (injury), Walsh (injury), Armstrong (seniors), Rampe (seniors)
    Out: Andrejs Everitt (seniors), Craig Bird (seniors)

    No listed player restrictions in place again and a shortened injury list (touch wood) means that a whopping 19 listed players have been named, but due to player management only 18 will ever be in play at the same time (see Mitchell?s notes above).

    It will be particularly interesting to see how Crouch handles the defensive setup with a surfeit of half-back flankers due to Rampe and Armstrong dropping back to join Towers, Cunningham, Biggs, Lockyer and Brown.

    Academy Players/Topups
    56Erol SERTBAS000 
    57Jeremy KIEL000From UNSW/ES
    59Thomas HEAD110 
    60Jordan WEIR110 

    In: Kiel, Sertbas
    Out: Mitch Crawford, Lachlan Kilpatrick Stephen Wray

    Sertbas played 4 games as a high energy half-forward type towards the tail end of the 2012 campaign, including the Grand Final against Queanbeyan.

    And yes we finally get topup numbers BEFORE the game. It?s amazing it only took many years for us to reach a situation that was commonplace back in the mid 2000s

    Reserves leading goalkickers

    • Andrejs Everitt, Tim Membrey, Mitch Morton 3
    • Craig Bird, Alex Brown, Harry Cunningham, Thomas Head, Brandon Jack, Jed Lamb, Jake Lloyd, Jesse White, Jordan Weir 1

    For full list: 2013 Goalkickers - RWOwiki

    Reserves leading votegetters

    • Andrejs Everitt 6
    • Craig Bird 5
    • Jesse White 4

    For full list: 2013 Best Votes - RWOwiki

    Gold Coast Suns Reserves
    B:41. Leigh OSBORNE58. Jack GOODALL31. Jackson ALLEN
    HB:27. Clay CAMERON20. Henry SCHADE55. Jack TAYLOR
    C:18. Trent McKENZIE25. Danny STANLEY6. Alex SEXTON
    HF:28. Jack MARTIN46. Josh HALL40. Andrew BOSTON
    F:51. James HOLLAND19. Tom LYNCH15. Daniel GORRINGE
    Foll:22. Tom NICHOLLS21. Jeremy TAYLOR42. Kyal HORSLEY
    Int:45. Tyler CORNISH47. Steven MILLS54. Darcy TRASK
     57. Caleb HAY60. Harrison FRASER59. Angus WATTS

    In: Goodall, Gorringe, Horsley, Lynch, Stanley
    Out: Fraser, Hutchins, L.Weller, M.Weller, Watts

    16 listed players but a core group of them have AFL experience and possibly should be in their senior side. McKenzie, Stanley, Lynch, Horsley and Nicholls are the pick of this bunch and will be key to their side?s chances. Lynch, Hall and the resting ruckman provide 3 genuine tall targets in their forward 50 and will keep our defenders very busy

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    Watched the game and enjoyed it a lot. Proper hard hit out, and most of the boys stood up big time.

    I have such highfive for BrandyJack. His second and third efforts are going to be a trademark. Three tackles (first class efforts) made in a single passage augers well but to follow up with a double straight afterwards........he may be skinny and looks like a long legged swamp bird but the boy has talent, not just ability.

    Shane Biggs is developing into quite a leader out there. He makes some pretty good decisions and gives directions.

    I like watching Tim Membrey ..... he is good.

    Loved the effort of MM......Morto (its such a crap call sign, but that's what they use) his efforts are team oriented, and sometimes just plain freakish.

    the one thing I noted about the whole game is just how much they are already aware of 'combinations' and teamwork. This appeared to be a game of combined effort, noone was making a name for himself, noone appeared to be trying to 'impress the judges'. A lot of muscle development is required, but the awareness development appears to be taking root as is the full team ethic.

    Perhaps its the influence of Jared Crouch, who is their coach. He is like a mushroom in a forest when they cluster around him - I had no idea how not-tall he really is. He appears to be a good quality coach. I have been ressiewatching for many years now, and this is the most cohesive team combination I can remember in April.

    One side note: toppie number 60......ball watching is not going to get you into the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Primmy View Post
    This appeared to be a game of combined effort, noone was making a name for himself, noone appeared to be trying to 'impress the judges'.
    That is what really impressed me. Pretty much everytime a Suns player took what they thought was an uncontested mark in space, that player would turn around, probably expecting to play on, and find a Swans player already fiercely guarding the mark. When the Suns tried to run the ball from defence, they were subjected to tackle after tackle, and more times than not, the team managed to force a turn-over and keep the ball locked in.

    It is hard to pick any "best players", given how much of a team effort it was. But a few comments:

    Mitch's class and experience did shine out on several occasions. He worked his butt off up around the half forward area and is definitely playing well enough to deserve a senior spot, should one open up.

    Primmy has mentioned Jack jnr's tackling in the forward line. It was manic and effective.

    Harry played almost exclusively as a midfielder, rather than off the half back flank. I much prefer him there and think he could become a genuine onballer in time. His ability to use his pace to break from centre bounce clearances is great to watch.

    Lamb's work rate stood out in a team where everyone worked hard. He also used the ball intelligently. While we don't want any of our senior team to get injured, I do hope he gets a chance at senior level sooner rather than later.

    The X-man continues to show encouraging signs for someone so young and still relatively skinny. He is not afraid to try and take front position, and attacks the ball well. One for the future, not now, but looks very promising.

    Alex Brown has played each game I've seen this season (including the two practice games at Lakeside) with a lot more intensity than I was expecting after seeing him last year. He moves very well for a tallish fellow and attacks contests with gusto. His kicking has been a bit of a mixed bag - sometimes scrappy but other times pinpoint. He seems to be playing a utility role in the style of Everitt - a tall running wingman who pushes forward a lot but can also drop back when needed.

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