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Look let's face it, we are a world away from our best footy based on our first two games. With good reason considering our preparation. This week will be a real test, and I absolutely can't wait. The first two rounds felt a bit hollow for me, and I haven't been excited about footy this year until now. Tomorrow can't come soon enough, I'm pretty certain well see a large step up from our boys, and look forward to seeing a real tough game against the Roos. Would not be suprised if we come up short but I also wouldn't be overly dissapointed, as long as we show signs that we are up for another crack at it this year. I'm by no means writing our boys off already, I'm quietly confident we can get over the line. Some of our passengers over rounds 1 and 2 need to get into gear, let's hope they do. Carn the Bloods
Pretty much my sentiments also MB.
I won't be surprised if we drop this one, especially now with Rhyce out, but it won't be the end of the world if we do and I certainly won't be writing the season off just yet. I'll just be happy to see the likes of Jets and Goodsy show something cause those two stick out in my mind as being off to the slowest of starts.