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Thread: Changes for Rd.4 V The Cats

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    Excellent analysis as always on RWO. I'll sound very knowledgable at the pub in 10 min ;-)
    I'm excited about the return if Mitch - agree he has more smarts around goal than Dre, can work off the crumbs and take contested grabs and his work rate is excellent.
    Taylor is on fire atm - if he does go to Goodes we need the great man to fire up and give us an SCG special.
    Leigh Matthews on made the point that the Cats are near bottom in hit outs and clearances and we are near top. If that continues the service to our forwards will be regular and Hawkins will be less dangerous. We should win this at home...but I always get nervous when we are unanimously tipped!
    Go Swannies

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    Changes for Rd.4 V The Cats

    Quote Originally Posted by ShockOfHair View Post
    - I'd be hard-pressed to say what position he usually played.
    Defensive small fwd
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