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Thread: Rnd 4 Vs Geelong

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    Funny thing was, when a dozen or so of the players came onto the field straight after the ressies finished to have a bit of a kick around as they do each week, Jets was in a short sleeved polo, but the rest had a tracksuit top on because of the cold....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Primmy View Post
    Friend of mine's friend was right at goal level and heard exactly what Benny was yelling at Reg, which was to take over from him in a contest (his opponent was twice his size - Tom Hawkins I believe.......) and the precious poppet of an ump decided it was directed at him......I kid you not, that is why that free goal was awarded. ....
    That is what it looked like on teev to me. Seemed very un-swans like.
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