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Thread: Academy results !!!

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    Academy results !!!

    Rams selection for Academy stars -

    Eighteen players from the QBE Sydney Swans Academy have been selected to represent the NSW/ACT Rams state squads in 2013.

    Ten players from the QBE Swans Academy?s under-16 squad earned selection, while eight players were chosen for the under-18 Rams squad.


    for the 16s to beat the GWS 16s is on the wknd is unbelievable ...................we were triathlete builds vs the tough strong and developed Murray Riverina boys that make 3/4 of the GWS squad

    Amazing result !!!!

    and in the 18s same again but lost by only a couple of goals !
    "everybody loves somebody..........sometimes"

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    In perspective, fifteen U16 players and 26 U18 players from the GIANTS Academy have been selected for the Rams Squads

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    if you have seen the Murray/Riverina boys vs the Swans it is like men vs boys
    "everybody loves somebody..........sometimes"

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    Still a good effort

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