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Thread: Retirement mean upgrade?

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    Retirement mean upgrade?

    Due to the sad retirement of Mattner, does this mean we get a rookie upgrade?
    Who do you think we'll upgrade?
    Another defender such as Xavior?
    Or midfielder/ Small forward like Jack or Lloyd?
    They've been the ones who have impressed me through watching man cup and reserves highlights.
    Also wish Marty all the best with his future endeavors.

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    Just because we can doesn't mean we will.

    I think Lloyd is the only one of our current rookie listed players who is anywhere near ready to play senior AFL at the moment, and even he'd be behind Lamb in the pecking order (and maybe Cunningham too, once Harry has had a few games back from his knee injury). The Swans won't promote anyone at this stage of the season unless they want to name them in the squad.

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