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Thread: X Richards vs Grundy

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    X has only just turned 19. Give me a break.

    I have often said he reminded me of a marsh bird, upright and alert. He will make a fine defender, one day.
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    Reg is a big strong boy and a good mark , but unfortunately, if the ball goes past ,he has the turning speed of an oil tanker. His form has looked a bit off lately - but I will back him to fix it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auntie.Gerald View Post
    not happy with Reg doesnt mean he will drop him !

    maybe X is being groomed for the midfield hence on the extended bench !

    or maybe Horse is just keeping the pressure on his tall defenders ?

    Or maybe we are just running out of fit players?

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    Bad thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DK_ View Post
    Possible. Grundy has been off-colour for a few game - though seemed to pick up the effort last week. Don't know if X has the bulk to replace Reg.
    you are right he doesn't quite have the size to stand the resting rucks. He had big problems with Brogan and the other resting ruck last week. On the younger bloke he was better but it was obvious that he lacked the weight and strength to battle a huge forward such as Cloke or resting ruck. If Walsh had been fit he would have got that role against UWS.

    The other thing is he is just learning the caper and is a long way from being ready at AFL level even though I think he will be a beauty.

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    not one comment addressed why you feel John Longmire would put a young tall kid on the extended bench.......yet you believe X is seasons away from replacing a "Reg" KPP ?

    i never said I think X is better then Reg........far from it !

    But why did X even get any game time recently if he is that inferior ?

    why is an inferior tall KPP getting listed on the bench ? not just once but a few times now ?

    is it because he is that far behind Reg that they thought it would be fun to put him on the bench so half the redwhiteonline forumites would shake their head at the coaching selection committee and say "what are you thinking" or is one of our KPP players carrying an injury? or is it he is starting to meet some of their expectations and deserves a chance?

    I hardly think they have put him on the extended bench nor given him some gam time this season if he hadnt earned his spot ?

    The Bloods snr playing group doesnt do that do they ?

    anyway Im taking my bat and ball and heading home........
    "everybody loves somebody..........sometimes"

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    My uninformed opinion is that X got game time because Morton was injured at the last second, and X happened to be the player not playing in the reserves that week. As for why he is on the bench now, my theory (so take it with a grain of salt) is that Horse is using it to tell him he is doing well, that he is the next tall in line.

    So I would not link X's inclusions to Reg's form, which I do not think is that bad in any case.

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    now i know why X is in the short list

    Grundy is making way to many easy errors / mis reads for a fair few weeks now

    and although red is way ahead in size / body etc i think Johnny knows Reg is needing to lift !!!

    "everybody loves somebody..........sometimes"

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    An utterly dumb thread.

    Central to the best defence in the comp and we want to nitpick over a mistake or two.

    Xav may well become a player and I hope he does but seriously, who would you want standing next to Hawkins or Roughhead in the grand final.

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    so why is X listed on the bench - to replace K Jack ?

    its not about X being better then Reg.........X is miles off ------ the problem is in my humble opinion Horse is not happy with Regs performances as they are sub par

    its not about Regs mistake sunder pressure - that is unfair

    it is about his mistakes under NO pressure
    "everybody loves somebody..........sometimes"

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    Pause the thought for 2-3yrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auntie.Gerald View Post
    so why is X listed on the bench - to replace K Jack ?
    I think it's more a case of Armstrong being on the outer. If it was him and not X it wouldn't be seen as a signal to Reg.

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