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Thread: Round 18: Gold Coast Suns Reserves v Sydney Swans Reserves

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    Round 18: Gold Coast Suns Reserves v Sydney Swans Reserves

    Slow Down
    NEAFL Round 18

    Gold Coast Suns Reserves v Sydney Swans Reserves
    Saturday 20th July 2013 1.00pm

    The Swans magoos make their second trip to the Gold Coast in the space of two months. Despite going into the match with a weakened team, they came away with a creditable 20 point loss in tough conditions, even managing to level the scores going into the last quarter. This week's team is of similar strength in numbers but with greater experience with the inclusion of defender Rhyce Shaw, making a long awaited return to the field, joining fellow premiership winner Mitch Morton in the reserves. Shaw's inclusion comes a week after the emotional return of speedster Gary Rohan which is a sign that the Swans' injury stakes may have taken a turn for the better. The Suns are not as strong as they were then, with a number of injuries hitting their senior players.

    The Swans have given up their lead on top of the Eastern Conference ladder but with only 4 more games left in the regular season should have enough wins on the board to make the finals (Top 5) due to their excellent percentage. The Suns had a nailbiting draw last week against fellow high flyers Aspley when Nathan Bock kicked his 9th goal to tie the scores. Their position is not as secure as the Swans with the NT Thunder more than capable of knocking the Suns out of the finals position.

    Eastern Conference Ladder
    Sydney Swans Reserves14950315781109142.29%36
    UWS Giants14860316521265130.59%32
    Sydney Uni1459031299135296.08%20
    Hills Eagles1459031255147385.20%20

    Northern Conference Ladder
    Brisbane Lions Reserves14131021703964176.66%52
    Gold Coast Suns Reserves14851214591298112.40%34
    NT Thunder13760314801273116.26%28
    Mt Gravatt1411302851177547.94%4

    Past Meetings
    R3 Reserves 15.20 (110) defeated Gold Coast Reserves 10.5 (65) @ Sydney Cricket Ground

    A brilliant first half display by the Reserves set up a comfortable victory against the Suns reserves, whose lethargic start proved to be costly. Midfielders Lamb, Cunningham and Robinson set up the win with their contested ball, whose work was gleefully finished off by the forward duo of Morton and Membrey who finished with 7 goals between them.

    Goals: Morton 4, Membrey 3, Cunningham 2, Brown, Sertbas, Mitchell, Robinson, Jack, Lamb
    Best: Lamb, Cunningham, Robinson, Brown, White

    R12 Gold Coast Reserves 10.10 (70) defeated Reserves 6.14 (50) @ Metricon Stadium

    Goals: Membrey 2, Biggs, Lloyd, Dunn, Lamb, Jaffer-Williams
    Best: Lamb, Lloyd, Cunningham, Biggs, Armstrong, Jaffer-Williams

    R2 Reserves 7.13 (55) defeated by Gold Coast 13.13 (91) @ Sydney Cricket GroundThe Reserves were hampered by the late withdrawals of Mark Seaby and Jesse White whilst their opponents the Suns had the ability to call on the full complement of 5 on their bench. The Reserves struggled to break down a resolute Suns defensive unit and lost it in the last quarter when Josh Fraser booted 4 of his 5 goals.

    Goals: Walsh 2, Potter, McNeil, Lycakis, Jack, Gordon
    Best: Heath, Walsh, Lycakis, Moore, Jack

    R10 Reserves 16.13 (109) defeated Gold Coast 8.8 (56) @ Blacktown International Sports Park
    In the wet and damp conditions out west, the talls Mark Seaby (in the ruck) and Matthew Spangher (at CHF) dominated for the Swans as they romped to a comfortable 9 goal win over the Suns. The physicality and pressure of the home team was too much for Gold Coast whose sloppiness proved costly as they could only manage 3 goals to 3 quarter time.

    Goals: Spangher 4, Morton 3, Everitt 2, Seaby 2, Moody, Cunningham, Mitchell, White, Walsh
    Best: Seaby, Spangher, Biggs, Everitt, Moore, Davis

    R18 Gold Coast 15.10 (100) defeated by Reserves 20.11 (131) @ Metricon Stadium
    A close fought game was blown apart in the last quarter when the Reserves unleashed an 8 goal display to easily triumph away at Metricon Stadium. Mitch Morton was the star forward, kicking 9 goals in a consistent all round display with Nathan Gordon and Matt Spangher's competitive displays leading the way for the Swans.

    Goals: Morton 9, Spangher 3, Plug 2, Moore, Potter, McNeil, White, Everitt, Gordon
    Best: Gordon, Spangher, Morton, Meredith, Plug, Cunningham

    Recent Form
    R3Gold CoastHomeWIN11065
    R5Hills EaglesHomeWIN14886
    R12Gold CoastAwayLOSS5070
    R14NT ThunderAwayLOSS59112

    Suns Reserves
    R2Mt GravattHomeWIN15832
    R3Swans ReservesAwayLOSS65110
    R4Lions ReservesHomeLOSS70180
    R6Lions ReservesHomeLOSS79111
    R10UWS GiantsAwayWIN12091
    R11Lions ReservesAwayWIN11770
    R12Swans ReservesHomeWIN7050
    R13UWS GiantsAwayWIN10988
    R15NT ThunderAwayLOSS101148
    R16Lions ReservesAwayLOSS85107

    Last Round

    Reserves 12.7 (79) defeated by UWS Giants 21.16 (142) @ Sydney Cricket Ground

    Goals: Towers 3, Rohan 2, Lloyd 2, Cox, Kiel, Dick, Cunningham, Green
    Best: Robinson, Lloyd, Perris, Head

    Aspley 16.13 (109) drew with Gold Coast Suns Reserves 17.7 (109) @ Aspley

    Goals: Bock 9, Maden 2, Martin 2, Trask, Gillbee, Patrick, Horsley
    Best: Bock, Martin, Weller, Sexton, Ellis, Maden

    Team List
    Listed players
    1Tim MEMBREY10244Sat out the whole game last week as the senior emergency in reserve.
    2Rhyce SHAW000Back from the world's longest abdominal injury. Expect to have limited game time
    10Mitch MORTON62613(seniors emergency) Was starved of action in the forward line and was held goalless in a reserves game for the first time since God knows when.
    16Gary ROHAN120As good a return as could be hoped for, played 40 minutes with pace and vigour and should see that increased to around 60-70 minutes this week.
    19Tony ARMSTRONG806Topped the possessions along with a good tackle tally last week but not in the bests.
    23Jordan LOCKYER1413In line for a big game against either Bock or Dixon.
    27Daniel ROBINSON1397Double digit clearances, plenty by hand. Will be the 'senior' midfielder this week due to the absences of Cunningham, Marsh and Lloyd.
    28Matthew DICK1030Interesting swap with Marsh into the midfield in the last quarter, perhaps he could be one of the fill-ins.
    36Alex BROWN14312Numbers have dried up since being drafted permanently into the back line.
    42Xavier RICHARDS11010(seniors emergency) Had a great battle against the Giants' ruckmen last week, this week's task doesn't get any easier against the in-form Nathan Bock.
    46Shane BIGGS14119Number 1 rebounder.
    In: Membrey (seniors emergency) Shaw (injury)
    Out: Harry CUNNINGHAM (seniors), Dean TOWERS (seniors), Harrison MARSH (???), Jake LLOYD (concussion)

    The departures of Cunningham, Marsh and Lloyd leave a big gaping hole in the midfield and the solution to that problem will remain a mystery right up until the first bounce. I suspect one or both of the half backs in Armstrong, Dick and/or Biggs will get a spot and Morton might be also seconded from the forwards. It would definitely assist in addressing his lack of match fitness. Shaw could also play there but with limited game time. It will be interesting to see how they manage both Shaw and Rohan's time on the ground - will they run both of them on at the same time. It might also mean some of the topups will be rotated through there more often (see below).

    Membrey should slot straight into Towers' position as a key forward target.

    Academy Players/Topups
    47Lloyd PERRIS312 
    48Doug HADDEN724 
    49Daniel COX110 
    50Brad PLUG210 
    51James DUNN420 
    53Stephen WRAY921 
    54Yarran JAFFER-WILLIAMS431 
    57Levi SANDS320 
    58Thomas HEAD551 
    59Jacob DAWES100 
    60Jordan WEIR1251 

    In: Dawes, Dunn, Hadden, Jaffer-Williams, Plug, Sands
    Thomas GREEN, Jack HISCOX, Jeremy KIEL, Dylan ROOS

    Perris was impressive in his leadership on the field as well as his general output. He was noticeably thrusted into the centre square setup in the last quarter against UWS, when the outcome of the match had long been decided. He should get more of a run there this week due to the lack of midfield options. Jaffer-Williams was also a topup in the last match at Metricon and impressed so much he earnt a vote from the coaches.

    There is added height this week with the drafting in of Levi Sands, who has rucked in the past month or two for us, as well as giant Jacob Dawes who caught the eye when the Reserves played in the Newcastle just 2 weeks prior. Their inclusions could allow Head to be released to the forward line to present himself as another key target alongside Membrey.

    Reserves leading goalkickers
    • Mitch Morton 26 (6)
    • Tim Membrey 24 (10)
    • Jesse White 23 (9)

    For full list: 2013 Goalkickers - RWOwiki

    Reserves leading votegetters
    • Jake Lloyd 38 (14)
    • Jed Lamb 24 (7)
    • Jesse White 24 (9)

    For full list: 2013 Best Votes - RWOwiki

    Gold Coast Suns Squad
    B:59. Jermaine WARDLE20. Henry SCHADE58. Jared ELLIS
    HB:41. Leigh OSBORNE38. Joel WILKINSON29. Tom MURPHY
    C:43. Liam PATRICK31. Jackson ALLEN45. Stephen THYNNE
    HF:56. Angus WATTS39. Timmy SUMNER54. Jarryd KLESSENS
    F:23. Charlie DIXON44. Nathan BOCK52. Dale MADEN
    Foll:15. Daniel GORRINGE13. Jacob GILLBEE28. Jack MARTIN
    Int:47. Steven MILLS55. Jack TAYLOR57. Caleb HAY
     50. Jesse WALTON49. Brad BARNETT

    In: Barnett, Dixon, Gorringe, Hay, Klessens, Murphy, Schade, Thynne, Walton, Wardle, Watts, Wilkinson
    Out: Joshua CAVANAGH, Tyler CORNISH, Kyal HORSLEY, Karmichael HUNT, Benji NEAL, Alex SEXTON, Jake STRONG, Darcy TRASK, Joe WARD, Matthew WARNOCK, Maverick WELLER

    The Suns have a long term injury returnee themselves with big, bearded, bustling Charlie Dixon who was showing a lot of promise earlier in the year. He should line up alongside Nathan Bock in the forward line, and despite Bock struggling to run out matches, his height and his experience is causing consternation amongst NEAFL defences. He booted a lazy 9 last week.

    Jack Martin continues his 'internship' with the Suns. He has been very impressive so far and is regularly among the Suns' best players, and has been rated by some as being better than Jaeger O'Meara's corresponding NEAFL season last year, and we all know how good the Jaeger bomb has been for their senior side this year.

    All in all, their impressive inclusions have been balanced by some big outs and they will only have one more listed player than the Swans (12 versus 11).

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    Fabulous to see Shaw back. It's ironic after all the help he gave Rohan in rehab that they're now making their comebacks together.
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    Be good to see Rhyce running around out there. I hope the lads have a win this week. Some of the toppies are pretty impressive this week Ugg. Thank you for your effort.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ugg do you know if GCS have a stream happening. I know last year they did.

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    Any update on how Shaw and Rohan went?

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    Apparently Rohan kicked 3 goals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by annew View Post
    Any update on how Shaw and Rohan went?
    There is a pic on FB of him looking spent after coming off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JudesaGun View Post
    Apparently Rohan kicked 3 goals.
    Great to hear! Any idea how long he played for?

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    Thanks but I can't see that on Facebook

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    I just searched Twitter for Gary Rohan and someone had tweeted he kicked 3. No idea how accurate it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by annew View Post
    Thanks but I can't see that on Facebook
    I hope this works.

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