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Thread: Round 20: Brisbane Lions Reserves v Sydney Swans Reserves

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    But if the seniors are knocked out, there's really no point playing senior players (returning from injury or otherwise) in the reserves any more. Anyway, the other point to consider is we are limited to 12 listed players in the whole squad which meant last year players such as McNeil and Lynch who had played all or most of the games were unluckily left out of finals game(s).
    Not for a club like the Swans, where the reserves winning the NEAFL premiership is pretty low on the priority list. But in a more general sense, some clubs at the amateur / semi-professional level might be tempted to build up their club's silverware by stacking their reserves team with players who generally play a level up - say one of the Canberra sides trying to win the second tier cup by using players who generally play at NEAFL level. You'd like to think most clubs would see such a thing as fairly hollow, but the rule prevents clubs from doing it anyway.

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    Watching the highlights video it was nice to see Lockyer delivering some nice passes. He is one of our forgotten draftees, and hasn't set the world alight.

    Also Membrey! He just looks a gem. Can't wait to see him break in.

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